Our vision for such an iconic and historically important foundation such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim originates in ideas and questions what architecture in general and a museum in particular can do in a broader sense for society, the city and the representation of art.

Project Name: Guggenheim Museum Helsinki

Guggenheim Museum Helsinki By ATELIERPAP  - Sheet1

How can we as architects turn a building into a catalyst, and emphasize values such as education, communication and history not only within the conventional spaces of art itself but on a grander urban scale and make art accessible and represented to the general, while maintaining the expected iconic art museum of the twenty first century and the representation of the institution itself?

Guggenheim Museum Helsinki By ATELIERPAP  - Sheet2

We believe that architecture possesses the power to change the way we see the world and perceive our environment. In this sense the ambition was to direct the design towards the people. To conceive a building that implies not only great spaces but amplifies the notion of its content and of its implied values beyond it physical boundaries.


We see the design scheme as an inverted museum turning the inherent internal qualities of the museum to the outside, and engage so in deeper way with the city and bring the arts closer to the people.



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