Guangdong Museum of Art is located on the Ersha Island in the Pearl River and is the National Art Museum with the integrated using of collection, research, exhibition, education and communication.

Project Type: Interior
Status: Project, Completion
Location: Ersha Island,Pearl River,Guangzhou
Design Period: 04-08.2007, 01-02.2009
Construction: 04-12.2009
Program: Library, Exhibtion, Cafe and Office
Main Materials: Holed metal panel, PVC carpet, Plasterboard curtain wall
Design Team: CHEN Xudong, ZUO Huan, CHEN Yang, JIANG Di, YAN Mengfei, LI Weidong
Consultant:  CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., LTD.
Photographer: HUANG Jing

Public Library GDMOA by D​Atrans Architecture Office - Sheet2

In order to meet the education and a higher standard of academic research, as well as the arts and culture to the public for the popularity, the part of the second floor of the museum should be transformed into a multi-functional public library.

Public Library GDMOA by D​Atrans Architecture Office - Sheet3

The location of Ersha Island inspired us to analyze the cultural geographical meaning and understand the aggradations created the island in the PRD actually. So we develop one model of symbol analogically from the diamond-shaped “island” and the horizont layered “information’s fluid”. The model not only describes the PRD’s unique geographical character of alluvion, but also declares the library as the carrier of human civilization metaphorically. The main learning zone provides the best view to the river and also the ideal lighting conditions. The cafe and administration are located on the courtyard’s side where the reader can be enmeshed in the peaceful atmosphere of the south Chinese garden.


The white translucent skin in holed metal panels redefines the public area intersected by the service cores: The color marks the different function of the cores and activate the corridor. The information could be printed and collaged onto the info-skin, and the library attracts the visitors into the info’s fluid blent by lighting and color intuitively.


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