The rectangular building defines the spaces surrounding it. The public paved space, the car parks and the green area with the playground are precisely generated by the new building.

Studio Name: Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects
Design Team: Markus Wespi, Jérôme de Meuron, Luca Romeo
Area: 4066m2
Year: 2014-2017
Location: Monteggio, Ticino, Switzerland
Photography Credits:  architects

Progetto Centro Civico A Monteggio Ti 2017 By Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects - Sheet1
©Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects

The programme imposes a solution to the volumetric disproportion between the representative functions (administration and multi-purpose hall) and the service functions (municipal warehouses and fire brigade). The service functions occupy a large amount of space, but must be set back from the representative functions.

The project resolves this issue by creating two courtyards. On the one hand the courtyard marking the entrances for the administration and the multi-purpose hall; on the other the working courtyard for the warehouses. The main façade therefore has a single perforation, clearly marking the access to the representative spaces. The work courtyard, on the other hand, is only accessible via a large sliding door.

Progetto Centro Civico A Monteggio Ti 2017 By Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects - Sheet2
©Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects

The entrance courtyard for the multi-purpose hall and administration creates an ambience comparable to the atmosphere in the old village core. The visitor is already inside the civic centre, but is still in the cold zone. Light penetrates zenithally into the centre of the building. The paths become pleasant. The population meets in a new place.

The working courtyard for the municipal storehouse and the fire brigade has many advantages. As well as being used for work or manoeuvres by the fire brigade, the courtyard protects the local population from noise. In addition, the gates of the various warehouses in the courtyard can be made in the simplest and most functional way for the various requirements, without having to worry about the image given to the outside.

Progetto Centro Civico A Monteggio Ti 2017 By Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects - Sheet3
©Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects

The distribution of space is simple and rational. The building is about 6 metres high, so that it is possible to integrate in a simple volume both the rooms which require considerable height (multi-purpose hall and warehouses) and the functions which can be distributed over two floors.

The municipal administration is on the first floor, above the service areas of the multi-purpose hall. The entrance is directly from outside. Stairs and lift are in the cold area. The workspaces face north, with indirect light; while the City Hall faces south, towards the view of the valley floor. The Town Hall also has a direct entrance from the outside, ideal for weddings and other special events.


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