The Falling Walls Foundation is an international platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of any concepts and ideas with an impact on social development. It was founded by Sebastian Turner, inspired by the event of the Berlin Wall coming to an end in 1989, with the task of exploring the question which walls will fall next.

Project Name: Falling Walls Headquarter
Studio Name:
Hidden Fortress Design Studio Berlin
Project size: 190 m2
Site size: 190 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photography: Katja Hiendlmayer

Falling Walls Headquarter by Hidden Fortress Design Studio Berlin - Sheet1
Workstation ©Katja Hiendlmayer

Numerous events take place every year, in which connected scientific and other subjects are discussed and examinated, always with an international and interdiscpilinary approach. The foundation takes care of organising these events. At the end of the year 2017 the founders also looked for new office space in order to optimize the space in size and functionality.

Falling Walls Headquarter by Hidden Fortress Design Studio Berlin - Sheet2
Seating Space ©Katja Hiendlmayer

Tasking Hidden Fortress with the design concept, Falling Walls also aimed at improving the design and atmosphere of the new office grounds.The concept is supposed to represent the transparency and agility oft he foundation and its topics. It was decided to move forward in the approach towards a mobile office environment as well, incorporating „hot desks“ and a non-hierarchical seating and spacing concept into the design.

Falling Walls Headquarter by Hidden Fortress Design Studio Berlin - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Katja Hiendlmayer

Also a large part of energy was targeted towards the implementation of old furniture components, in spite of their age and their being part of another obsolete concept. Mainly for economic reasons a lot of old equipment was supposed to be re-used in the new design.


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