Designed as the temporary heart of the ANU campus for 18 months during the redevelopment of the new Union Court development, the ANU Pop-Up Reunion Village was designed by OCULUS and Craig Tan Architects in association.

Conceived as a connective day and night environment for the students, the village accommodates the temporary relocation of ANU’s retail core, including student services, student organisations, common spaces, and food and beverage.

Project Name: ANU Pop-Up Village
Studio Name:
Craig Tan Architects
Completion date: 2017
Location: Canberra, Australia
Photography: Jaime Daiz-Berrio

ANU Pop-Up Village by Craig Tan Architects - Sheet1
Common Space ©Jaime Daiz-Berrio

Located adjacent to the tree lined University Avenue to attract an audience from the University and Canberra city, the village consists of 2400sqm of enclosed space and 1600sqm of decking space, and is envisioned as a bridge between ANU and the city.

ANU Pop-Up Village by Craig Tan Architects - Sheet2
Outdoor Seating ©Jaime Daiz-Berrio

The village is composed around four interrelated sections centred at the confluence of a primary North-South path, and University Avenue. For economy, these comprise a mixture of new-build, fitout, and even site shed accommodations.

ANU Pop-Up Village by Craig Tan Architects - Sheet3
Front Facade ©Jaime Daiz-Berrio

The first area is the Commons zone, which accommodates a large enclosed multi-purpose space, with associated tenancies and amenities. Clad in diaphanous polycarbonate, it registers the diurnal changes of dappled light, and glows as a beacon during evening events. Wing walls to the facade encourage occupation of the edge and the adjoining spaces.


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