An office building is a building typology that falls under the umbrella of commercial building design. Designed to provide a suitable working environment for workers, offices nowadays are no longer just rows of grey cubicles or monotonous facades. Office designs are more worker-centric than ever today. 

Primarily, offices are the base function of this building typology. But they also have administrative support spaces, visitor support spaces, support spaces for employees, as well as maintenance and operation-related spaces. 

Here are 25 examples of the biggest office buildings around the world, in no particular order. 

1. One World Trade Centre | Office Buildings

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One World Trade Centre © Marshall Gerometta/CTBUH via

Located in New York City, in the United States, One World Trade Centre stands almost 541 m high. It mainly functions as an office building but also houses restaurants and observation decks. Construction of the tower began in 2006, and it has a total of 94 floors above ground. It is a composite structure done in reinforced concrete and steel. Designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, this office building has a total floor area of about 3,25,280 sq m. 

2. Ping An Finance Centre 

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Ping An Finance Centre  © KPF,

Ping An Finance Centre, located in Shenzhen, China, was completed in 2017. The skyscraper office was built for Ping An Insurance Company. The building is now the tallest in Shenzhen and has become a focal point of the central business hub of the city. The tower has a tapered shape to reduce wind loads. 

Not just offices and retail, but the building also has an observation deck. The project was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

3. Shanghai World Financial Centre

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Shanghai World Financial Centre ©KPF,

Shanghai World Financial Centre, located in Shanghai, China, was built for Mori Building Company having an area of about 3,81,600 sq m. The supertall office building is 492 m tall and was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. 

Completed in 2008, this project derived its form from a square prism, an ancient Chinese symbol of Earth. Further, it is intersected by two arches, which represent the heavens as described by the architects. This results in a heaven-and-earth conceptual design dynamic. 

4. The Pentagon

25 Examples of biggest office buildings around the world - Sheet7
Aerial view of the Pentagon, Virginia  ©Hisham F. Ibrahim/Getty Images

The headquarters of the United States Department of Defence, the Pentagon, is a government office building located in Arlington, Virginia. It has about 6,00,000 sq m of accommodation and was designed by architect George Bergstrom.

5. FCA US LLC Headquarters And Technology Center | Office Buildings

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Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center, Michigan  ©

The North American headquarters for the automobile manufacturer Chrysler is located in Metro Detroit, Michigan.  Completed in 1996, this office building has a floor area of about 4,90,000 sq m and is 76-meter tall. It accommodates about 15,000 workers. 

6. Willis Tower

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Willis Tower  ©Chris6d – Own work, Public Domain,

The 442 m tall building was built in 1973 by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Situated in Chicago, Illinois, this office building was the tallest skyscraper for nearly 25 years until One World Trade Center was built in 2014. It’s a system of 9 vertical tubes put together to resolve the structure.  

7. CCTV Headquarters

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CCTV Headquarters  ©OMA,

Located in Beijing, China, CCTV Headquarters was built to handle the expansion of the China Central Television in 2002. The office building was designed by OMA Rem Koolhaas with engineering by Arup and the Architecture Design Institute of East China. 

The building has a total built-up area of about 4,73,000 sq m. Two L-shaped towers that are joined at the top, as well as the bottom, make the building a complete loop. The building has multiple space typologies like offices, broadcast support facilities, production support spaces, and studios. 

8. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

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Roppongi Hills Mori Tower ©KPF Architects,

Located in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is a steel frame structured office building. With a total floor area of about 3,79,408 sq m, the tower rises to a height of 238 m. The tower was a part of one of Japan’s largest private-sector urban redevelopments. 

The tower has almost 40 floors of office spaces and is a state-of-art building with a comprehensive earthquake-resistant design. 

9. Shanghai Tower

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Shanghai Tower ©Gensler

The office building, located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, was designed by Gensler as a transparent, spiral structure. It has a total rotation of 120 degrees from its base to the top. Completed in 2015, the building was awarded LEED® Platinum Certification by the U.S Green Building Council. The 632 m tall skyscraper has 128 stories. 

10. Merchandise Mart | Office Buildings

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The Merchandise Mart ©Index Open via

Merchandise Mart, also known as the Mart, is one of the largest commercial buildings in the world. With an area of about 3,90,000 sq m, the building is located in downtown Chicago, along the north bank of the Chicago River. The firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst, and White designed the building under Alfred P. Shaw as the chief architect on the project. 

The building mainly has wholesale showrooms and many other support facilities and amenities, but the purpose and use of the building changed over the years. Steel frame structural building, which is clad in limestone, terra cotta, and bronze, was first completed in 1930.  

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Tanya Singh is a compassionate architecture student who believes architecture has the strength to define and shape society. She is driven by curiosity, desire to achieve meticulous solutions to problems and perseverance. She believes spaces, places and buildings speak their own language. Perceiving this language well is what good architecture is all about.