Swimming is often considered an exercise or an activity good for health. But swimming for some maybe just taking a dip, preferably in their own homes. Having a pool in your home gives you the advantage to enjoy a relaxing swim anytime you want. Whether the space available is small or large, every home can incorporate pool designs, if planned properly. Here are 50 exclusive pool designs for your home to choose from.

1. Optimized for Laps | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Lap Pool_Copyright_Pinterest

A lap pool is a good option in case of limited space in your home or if the pool is only meant for exercising. It fits best in the long and linear spaces of your home, particularly near the backyard.

2. Show-Stopper Courtyard Pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Courtyard Pool_Copyright_Bontraveler

An in-ground swimming pool packed with colorful tiles mimics a courtyard’s greenery, while floor cushions provide a space to lounge. This pool design can also act as a show-stopping element in your home.

3. Backyard Pool for kids

50 Pool designs for your home
Backyard Pool for Kids_Copyright_Arumart

A fun-shaped pool with bright colored tiles makes an excellent option for a backyard pool designed especially for children. It can contribute to some of their best memories! 

4. Pool with a Waterfall

50 Pool designs for your home
Pool with Waterfall _Copyright_Plantnj

A pool design incorporating a waterfall adds a playful vibe. It induces a feeling of swimming, when at home.

5. Simple Courtyard Pool | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Courtyard Pool_Copyright_Pinterest

An elegant pool in the courtyard of the house, open to the sky and surrounded by a wooden deck.

6. Outdoor Porch

50 Pool designs for your home
Outdoor deck pool_Copyright_Pinterest

A pool led to from a porch, maintaining a separation between the interior of the house and the pool.

7. Pool on the Edge

50 Pool designs for your home
Pool on the Edge_Copyright_Pinterest

A small pool separated from the house by a strip of grass or a small garden; may have a waterfall designed with the pool.

8. Brutalist-style pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Brutalist-style pool_Copyright_FADD Studio

This pool design is characterized by a slight play in color using different hues of blue, to break the monotony along with simple white tiles serving as a backsplash and surrounding dark-grey flooring for an earthy vibe.

9. Rooftop Pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Rooftop pool_Copyright_42mm

A rooftop pool is ideal for smaller homes. Access to the pool can be given from a space frequently used for entertaining, like the living room, lounge, or an outdoor patio or dining area. This type of pool design serves as a perfect view of your home.

10. Incorporate fountains into your pool design | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Fountains_Copyright_FADD Studio

Adding a fountain to your pool at home lends a calming sound to your home as well as an interesting visual element to your pool. The fountain can also double as a cleaning and filtering system for the pool’s hygiene.

11. Art Display Pool | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Art display pool_Copyright_ADND

The pool design can be used to display artwork or sculptures or installations (against the pool walls). The artwork displayed also serves as a central focal point for the whole space.

12. Moonlight Swim

50 Pool designs for your home
Moonlight Swim_Copyright_Pool Environments

A sleek, small pool design with appropriate illumination has the ability to coax its owners for a midnight swim. This is facilitated by raising the surrounding walls to the level of the patio and by ensuring natural transition from the house to the pool.

13. L-Shaped Pools 

50 Pool designs for your home
L-shaped pool_Copyright_Pool Environments

L-shaped pools have an added element of surprise in the form of an extension on one side. This can be further highlighted using fountains and vivid lighting and floating pavers.

14. Cabana and Pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Cabana and pool_Copyright_Key Residential

Larger homes can afford a pool design with a cabana or a pool house. The pool can also feature an architectural fountain feature or oversized plant containers or vivid lighting. The cabana can house an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace extending until the pool.

15. A pool surrounding your home | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Cabana and pool_Copyright_Key Residential

Surrounding two sides of your home, this pool also serves as a focal point for visitors, family, and friends and can be a good spot to catch up on those old stories and memories.

16. Covered Courtyard Pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Courtyard Pool_Copyright_Houzz

A pool in the courtyard covered by a glass or polycarbonate sheet gives the required openness to the sky, at the same time protecting the pool from unexpected rains, dust from the air, etc.

17. Finding Natural Shade

50 Pool designs for your home
Finding natural shade_Copyright_Julian Wass

If your home has a lot of tree cover, building a pool around it creates natural shade and gives a very elegant look to the foliage as well.

18. Bring the Outside In

50 Pool designs for your home
Bring the outside in_Copyright_Bontraveler

A pool which allows you to swim from indoors to outdoors and vice versa depending on your mood or the weather. A glass wall helps ease the transition and to close the outside whenever required.

19. Infinity Pool

50 Pool designs for your home
Infinity Pool_Copyright_Skale

An infinity pool is one in which water flows over one or more edges making the boundary vague, giving an illusion of a bigger pool. Such kinds of pools can be accessed from the porch or back porch of the house. It can also be placed just outside the living room giving your house an endless appearance.

20. Fun with Color | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Color_Copyright_We The People Style

Using bold tiles in your pool design gives a fun twist to the pool. Balance is key in this type of pool design. Red tiles can be balanced with a clean-lined rectangular pool shape. Softer-colored tiles can be used as well.

21. Inside, Looking out | Pool designs

50 Pool designs for your home
Looking out_Copyright_Jay Greene Architectural Photography

This pool can be designed in an enclosed room, next to a wall with windows for an experience of looking out from inside. The room can be roofed with a sloping roof for added details.

22. Beach Entry

50 Pool designs for your home
Beach entry_Copyright_Absolutely outdoors

Your pool need not be just a splash of water. It can create an experience of a beach using textured pool tiles and elements resembling the beach. A jacuzzi can be added for the additional effect of waves and bubbles.

23. Raised Pool

Raised Pool_Copyright_Nicholas Watt

A raised swimming pool is an elevated pool which aligns with the finished floor level of the house. This kind of a pool is used where there is not enough outdoor space, or if an indoor pool is desired, or if the space available under the floor level is not sufficient. In a raised pool, it is not mandatory that the depth of the pool equals the height by which it is raised. You may also consider easy-to-install above ground pools to fit your space and to save time. Check here for a wide variety of options.

24. Transition Bridge

Transition Bridge_Copyright_Rosewood Custom Builders

A bridge or gate can be used as a transition element between your home and pool. It also serves as a focal point. 

25. Reclaimed Materials Pool | Pool designs

Reclaimed materials_Copyright_Stone Farm

Reclaimed materials in the form of curbing and accent pieces can be used. This is especially useful in a green-rated home.

26. Underwater Seating

Underwater Seating_Copyright_Khofka Phakos Design

A pool design integrated with seating just below the surface of water. The underwater seating makes pool parties, pizza parties and family gatherings very easy and convenient, provided you do not mind getting yourself a little wet! The seating doubles as a platform to rest your feet while dipping your legs. It also facilitates cleaning the pool.

27. Farmhouse Pool

Farmhouse Pool_Copyright_Ashley Cole

Designed by Ashley Cole, this tiled lap pool is neatly tucked in and accessible through a patio and several rooms of the house.

28. Indoor Inground

Indoor Inground_Copyright_Katz Novoa

An indoor pool that allows light to enter through the side and overhead windows while still keeping swimmers warm and under cover.

29. Brick Pool

Brick Pool_Copyright_Brad Sharpe

A pool design with brick decking adds a different aesthetic to the swimming experience. The use of brick gives a whole new feel to the pool. It defines the pool. The brick decking can also be used to integrate a spa or a kid’s pool. Brick, being more economic, reduces construction cost of the pool as well, without compromising on the look and feel of the pool.

30. Dive and Slide | Pool designs

Dive and Slide_Copyright_Thomas Flint

If your house has a large backyard, this pool design is the perfect fit! It features a slide, rocks, a waterfall, and natural foliage.

31. Front yard Pool | Pool designs

Front yard pool_Copyright_Christopher Lee Foto

A pool marking the entrance to your house, that also serves as a welcoming feature. This can be enhanced using grass pavers.

32. Letter-shaped Pool

Letter shaped pool_Copyright_Alka Pool Construction Ltd

There exists a pool design for all those fanatics obsessed with their names! Letter pools are just what the name suggests- a pool shaped according to an alphabet. This can be integrated with a spa or a kid’s pool, and can have underwater seating or tiles of a different colour or pattern to make the pool design interesting. 

33. Plunge Pool

Plunge pool_Copyright_Aqua Blue

If your home has plenty of outdoor space, a small plunge pool with a patio works well, surrounded by lush green surroundings.

34. Pool below your House

Pool under your house_Copyright_Getty Images

If the homeowner wants a big pool, they can construct their house above the pool and make maximum use of the space available below.

35. Balcony Pool | Pool designs

Balcony pool_Copyright_APSP

Imagine the feeling of stepping out of your room into your balcony, only to find yourself inside a fresh pool of water. This combined with an infinity pool is a definite win. This type of a pool gives an endless feel to your balcony and home and being right at your doorstep, is very easy to access.

36. Split-up

Split pool_Copyright_APSP

This lap pool spills into an adjacent lower-lying pool which also appears to be a separate water feature or adjacent pool. Adding an abstract mural on the support walls, ties together the two pools.

37. Interesting Mosaics

Mosaic pool_Copyright_APSP

Pool tiles need not be the same blue rectangular tiles. Adding a mosaic image or abstract adds an interesting touch to the pool design. For example, tiles in the form of a puzzle, or the image of a dolphin (as seen in the image), or creating an abstract pattern using tiles of different colors and hues.

38. Wet-Deck Design

Wet deck design_Copyright_APSP

Not all pool designs may be geometric. Combining varying levels of patios, this pool design is characterized by its curved form and large gutter.

39. Cantilever and Curve

Cantilever and curve_Copyright_Getty Images

A curved raised patio gives an unusual striking shape to the pool design, which combined with a cantilevered roof gives a feeling of vast house outdoors.

40. Small lot, Big Pool | Pool designs

Small lot Big Pool_Copyright_APSP

This pool design focuses on three elements- the house, the pool, and the pool house. The two waterfalls along with the shape of the pool tie all the three together.

41. Pool beneath Trusses | Pool designs

Trussed pool_Copyright_APSP

The roof above the pool influences the entire atmosphere of the space, therefore is an essential part of pool design.

42. Curvilinear Pools

Curvilinear Pool_Copyright_Getty Images

Curvilinear pools are a great way to break the monotony of your house design. Being a timeless shape, it is still a popular choice.

43. Pools with Pergolas

Pool with Pergola_Copyright_APSP

A pool design incorporating a pergola either flanking the pool or over the pool adds the dimension of height to the pool. It gives the pool a semi-covered effect spanning over the pool. It can be used as a guide from or towards the house if used beside the pool. Pergolas can also be used over the pool deck.

44. Irregular Shapes

Irregualr shapes_Copyright_Alexandra Ribar

Your pool need not be rectangular, nor does it have to be circular or symmetrical or in the shape of an eight. It can have the most irregular of shapes. Advancement in construction techniques has made it possible to construct the most bizarre shaped swimming pools.

45. Garden Party | Pool designs

Garden Party_Copyright_Thomas Flint

Large backyards call for elaborate pool designs. A garden themed pool is an interesting addition to your home. It involves an irregular shaped pool, the use of various materials, and the use of multiple species of plants. Landscape design plays an important role in garden pools.

46. Repurposed Shipping Container Pool

Repurposed shipping container pool_Copyright_Modpool

Shipping containers have been repurposed to be used as modules for housing, as well as for student hostels. An extension to this is repurposing them to be used as a swimming pool. They can be made waterproof and are easy to place and install. If the pool is not desired anymore, it can easily be removed as well.

47. Tile Accent Pool

Tile Accent_Copyright_Fireclay Tile Porch com

Tile accents can be used to change the entire look and feel of the pool design. They are generally used as the last tile on the vertical walls of the pool, but can be added at the bottom as well. Tile accents tend to give a traditional vibe to the pool, which can be observed in the image.

48. Small Space Fenced Pool

Small Space Fenced Pool_Copyright_Pinterest

Small spaces call for innovative pool designs. One such pool design is the fenced pool. This type of a pool is usually surrounded by the boundary wall or a fence on two sides and the house wall on its third side. It can also be surrounded by steps or vegetation. This can be integrated with a kid’s pool as well. The ‘fence’ effect can be further accentuated using brick.

49. Contemporary Backyard pool design

Contemprary pool_Copyright_Vinestovino

Contemporary backyard pool designs are all about sleek designs enhanced with good lighting and aesthetics. It usually involves a regular shaped pool. Lighting plays the most important role in this type of pool design.

50. Small Space Lap Pool with Patio | Pool designs

Small Space Lap Pool with Patio_Copyright_Pinterest

Another small space pool design is a lap pool attached to a patio. This is particularly useful if the space available for the pool is narrow. The pool is joined to the patio using underwater steps, which double as seating. The patio needs to be waterproofed appropriately. The patio may be covered, semi-covered or open, it can also make use of a pergola.


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Meghna Patnaik is a third year B.Arch student who has begun to explore her writing potential in architectural journalism. She looks forward to writing, not only to enhance her understanding of architecture, but also because she is passionate about it. She is also an ardent baker.