Atriums with Skylights | Atrium in a house

11. Atrium House

Location: Chicago
Architects: Kevin Touhou Midis, dSPACE Studio

This atrium is designed in a home with historic significance. The architect reworked the existing layout to accommodate this minimalistic and open atrium, a contrast to its context.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet11
Atrium House ©Christopher Sturman 

12. Beverly Hills Estate

 Location: California
 Architects: N.A. 

Designed around a 100-year-old olive tree, this mansion has two floors with the atrium covered with a skylight that lights up the passage area surrounding the atrium.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet12
Beverly Hills Estate ©Luxury Homes & Lifestyle

13. Bowstring Truss House

 Location: Portland, Oregon
Architects: Works Partnership Architecture

A repair-shop turned home and office space, this building has11 skylights and a glass atrium in the center of the space, where a hammock and a vine maple tree sway in the breeze.

Bowstring Truss House ©Works Partnership Architecture

14. Mamaroneck Residence

 Location: Southern New York
 Architects: Stephen Moser

After being damaged by a fire, the renovation of the home included an atrium over the main staircase. The self-supporting steel rod railing system and the light pendant nicely contrast with the surrounding woodwork.

Mamaroneck Residence ©Michael Moran

15. Della Crocina

 Location: Pistoia, Italy
 Architects: Pietro Baldoncoli, Francesco Morini

This home is of typical late-Renaissance Tuscan style. The design of the atrium is similar to that of the great cathedrals, with wrought iron railings, carved columns, and vaults. Its vertical lines lead your sight to the domed skylight.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet15
Della Crocina ©Roberto Riccio

Indoor-Outdoor Atriums | Atrium in a house

16. OC584 Eichler Home

 Location: Orange, California
Architects: Claude Oakland

The central outdoor atrium to the home allows for an open-plan. This home is an example of an indoor-outdoor style of living that Eichler homes are known for.

OC584 Eichler Home ©Claude Oakland

17. Mita House

 Location: Southern Osaka, Japan
 Architects: Horibe Associates

At the center of the home is an open-air atrium, creating garden-facing rooms that give a serene and nature-focused backdrop.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet17
Mita House ©Yohei Sasakura

18. Fairhills Eichler Home

 Location: California
 Architects: Claude Oakland and Jones & Emmons

This central atrium, which has concrete pads is bordered by loose stones that house local succulents under the semi-enclosed space. Deep eaves allow for some shade, while a larger central portion remains open for trees and sunlight and can be used as a patio and outdoor seating.

Fairhills Eichler Home ©Tim Krueger 

19. North Bay Road Residence

 Location: Miami Beach
 Architects: Choeff Levy Fischman

This home emphasizes transparency, views, and indoor/outdoor living. The critical component of this is an atrium in the center of the residence, which creates an outdoor seating area while still inside the home.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet19
North Bay Road Residence ©Choeff Levy Fischman

20. Ferndale Residence

Location: Lake House, Minnesota
Architects: Coen Partners

The open-air atrium sits in the middle of the house, with an opening on two sides looking into a well-designed landscaped area, accessible for outdoor seating and recreation. 

Ferndale Residence ©Coen Partners
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