An atrium is an open central court in a space. It was initially identified in houses of ancient Rome and later in Christian basilicas. Vitruvius named 4 types of atriums based on the typology observed then, namely: atrium testudinatum, atrium tuscanicum, atrium tetrastylicum, and atrium corinthicum. It started taking its modern form in the late 19th century with the industrial revolution and courtyards being replaced by atriums around the world. Contemporary atriums are found in almost all building typologies, with varying spatial features—from materials used to the height of an atrium.
Let’s look at 20 such examples. Atrium in a house across the world have been broadly classified into the following 4 types.

Landscaped Atriums | Atrium in a house

1. Gambier Island GI04

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Architects: Heather Howat and David Battersby

The house is planned around central natural vegetation found on site. The atrium fills the home with natural light and warmth.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet1
Gambier Island GI04 ©2018 BattersbyHowat Architects Inc.

2. Family House Litvínovice

Location: Czech Republic
Architects: A11 Studio

This open to sky atrium is designed to create a sense of seclusion from the world. It has an outdoor bath and can accommodate a hammock, almost like an in-house picnic spot.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet2
Family House Litvínovice ©BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

3. Villa Mosca Bianca | Atrium in a house

Location: Italy
Architects: Design Haus Liberty 

The central atrium of this home acts as a focal point and also houses a rainwater harvesting system. The operable glazing on top allows passive ventilation for the large rooms surrounding the home.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet3
Villa Mosca Bianca ©Adrien Dirand

4. Glass House in the Garden

Location: Massachusetts
Architects: Flavin Architects

This atrium is a part of a cabin in the woods designed as a part of the tiny house movement. It’s the focal point of the space and accommodates a tree found on site.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet4
Glass House in the Garden ©Peter Vanderwarker

5. P House

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Architects: HAHN Design

This atrium is designed keeping in mind the principles of feng shui, in terms of material use and orientation. The atrium is planned along the entrance to create a warm and welcoming environment.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet5
P House ©Hahn design + jeoseonge

Atriums surrounded by stairs and passages | Atrium in a house

6. House K

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Architects: 3LDH

The home is inspired by a snails’ shell and hence all spaces are planned around the central atrium spiraling along the axis. The atrium was also designed to compensate for the lack of sunlight in the space.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet6
House K ©3LHD, 2014.

7. Sullens Residence

Location: New York City
Architects: SPAN Architecture 

This atrium sits within a duplex home in New York, surrounded by glass etched passages and a staircase. The loft-like residence is designed using rich materials that make the atrium voluminous. 

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet7
Sullens Residence ©SPAN Architecture 

8. Water Factory | Atrium in a house

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Architects: Minimal interventions by architect Andrew Simpson

The warehouse turned home, had a deep footprint, and was poorly oriented. To optimize the situation, the architect planned this atrium to facilitate light and ventilation by providing a skylight and planning a staircase around it to make the space functional.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet8
Water Factory ©Shannon Mcgrath

9. House B7

Location: Agra, India
Architects: flying seeds Studio

The double-height atrium in this home was designed to act as a congregation space for the multi-generational family that the house is a home to. The staircase winding around it makes it accessible to all.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet9
House B7 ©Abhinav Chaudhary

10. 432 Citrus | Atrium in a house

 Location: LA, California
 Architects: Prime Five Homes

The central atrium, a common feature in this development, helps in lengthening the living room vertically and creates a light well that fills both the upstairs and downstairs areas with bright daylight.

20 Examples of home with beautiful central atriums - Sheet10
432 Citrus ©Kareem Assassa
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