Community architecture approaches the constructed surroundings that give itself for network use or stimulates community participation, in a profound social, inclusive sense. It means everlasting and transient facilities each at urbanistic level.

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Designing a place can take some time and trends keep changing almost every day, some days it is about colours while other times it’s about patterns. Architecture is a part of the world and it’s also a part of society. Hence everything that changes also grows and the same is applied to community architecture. The ever changing trends spike an interest in inspiration and can solve any arising dilemmas. In the end, it is about growth and progression along, with finding the right solutions. Some of the many trends that are aiding community architecture are mentioned below. 

1. Technological innovation

With digital innovation being so rapid the world is getting more fast-paced and the technology is advancing at a speed you can not even catch. But this only means that community architecture is getting somewhere better and it is helping the people to reach somewhere. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms and parametric to design this leaves less scope for problems, and if any it, provides solutions. But with a good connection in humans and AI, we can create architecture close to perfection.


2. Green planning

Green planning in architecture is a trend that emerged from community architecture. It is because community-based architecture works in the direction of serving the society and helping it to grow. Green planning is another initiative that would aim to provide support for the people and benefit the environment.

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3. Sustainability

Sustainability, a term used ever so frequently. Many would say this term has been overused and the people would even say that they can’t see how something is sustainable but, the reality is only the architect, or the engineer would know exactly, why a certain project is sustainable. It could be the design or locally sourced materials. It could be the recycling and construction aspect. There are so many factors that make a design sustainable. Community architecture has been so long in this trend that it never gets old and is more or less a design aspect now.

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4. Blurring the space

The modern-day fashion in the indoor-outside dwelling is mixing the boundaries among the two. People are bringing the outside in, and the interior out. Creating indoor biospheres brings nature into the house or the place of work even, as introducing substances consisting of wooden and glass blur the difference between the two spaces.

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5. Open Plan

Open plan, an idea that was first proposed by Le Corbusier in his very famous home the Villa Savoye. The number one rule in the Villa Savoye or rather it is among the five rules that Corbusier had is the open plan. It is possible that a building or structure is constructed with columns rather than walls. Columns give freedom of space to the architect and, a lot more can be, done this way.

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6. Co-living

Co-living is a millennial trend that seemingly fits within community architecture. If architects start a design with the intention of a space that will contribute to co-living, many more individuals would prefer this as an option. The rules are simple and, so is the benefit. Usually, any working adult would not, prefer just living alone after a long day of work, so sharing an apartment and some amenities with another would aid in the development and help them relax.

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Currently, the architectural discourses normally, begin from the modern society premises. It is set in the society that we stay in, approximately the communicational. The structure that has to satisfy the society’s requests the challenge of a structure for the community. There is not always but a strong, theoretical base or a well-based concept. The article insists on the reality that the authentic values which could carry the groups collectively are now no longer dropping their validity. The real dispositions of the society/communique, the quick flow of statistics and the globalization should be seen as assets and now no longer as obstacles. The article suggests that today, the architect should offer integrative teamwork and interdisciplinary spirit skills. The integrative method being a non-circumstance for the structure of the real groups. The socio-cultural history may be defined from one-of-a-kind factors of view. Never perhaps, as in the age of the statistics in which we stay, the relation among tradition and communique constituted a greater reach and of analysis, completely legitimate and valued with the aid of using the sciences that look at human circumstance. On the other hand, the unprecedented improvement of the media, in an exceedingly pace, gave new dimensions to the cultural approaches. On the whole community, architecture is bringing in more perspectives and encouraging change in society.


Zoya Hooda an architecture student with a creative passion for writing and design. There is not a single word that could describe her but a combination she is, loving, ambitious and carefree. She is determined towards what she wants. She is not perfect, but she is close.