A multi-disciplinary Australian architectural firm, located in the suburbs of Sydney in Surry Hills, PBD Architects is renowned for its creative and comprehensive designs. They have an incredibly diverse portfolio, featuring residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, ranging from small-scale studios to major master planning works. The firm was established in 2009 and has come a long way since then, striving to produce quality architecture with a pragmatic approach. Here are some of their most impressive projects.

Colindia Avenue, Neutral Bay

A residential development by PBD Architects, Colindia Avenue is an elegant structure with exterior finishing of brick and rock-faced sandstone. Situated on a sloping site in the small, relaxing resort area of Neutral Bay, it comprises two floors towards the street side and four floors at its rear. The structure has a total of seven units and is predominantly masonry with concrete floor slabs and a curved silhouette for the façade. Timber screens for privacy complement its natural surroundings and enhance the overall sophisticated look of the building. The glass glazing along with selective Venetian blinds provide views of the vista beyond.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet1
Colindia Avenue Facade_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet2
Colindia Avenue Interiors_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Abbie’s Lane, Annandale

Abbie’s Lane is a well-defined built form comprising two separated blocks with a wide landscaped courtyard between them known as Abbie’s Lawn. Located in Annandale, a bustling pocket of culture and heritage in Sydney’s inner west area, the building is a collection of 42 luxury apartments and commercial spaces on the ground floor. The structure caters to the urban, culture-rich demographic of the area and provides a serene balance between business and residential. The highlight of the project by PBD Architects remains the green patch in between, giving its inhabitants a relaxing element in the middle of the busy city area and adding an “outside-in” dynamic to the space.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet3
Abbie’s Lane_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Lord Street, Botany

Another defining project by PBD Architects is the 4-story commercial building of Lord Street, Botany. The form features sweeping horizontal curves and a stepped approach, making the building visually engaging. The building is vertically zoned with social spaces such as cafes and restaurants on the ground floor and offices on the three floors above. The stepped form ensures that the structure is naturally well-lit, while the slender columns, glass, and metal façade give the building a light look. The circular cut-out in the roof on the topmost floor adds to the visual appeal of the structure.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet4
Lord Street, Botany Facade_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet5
Lord Street, Botany _ ©2022 PBD Architects

Mosman Bay Collection

This interior design project by PBD Architects was done for 5 luxury harbor-front penthouses. The design features natural-toned interiors with colors such as beige, cream, gray, and black. The material selection gives off an extremely rich and timeless feel to the place. The design takes advantage of the spacious balconies and creates a free, open space that flows from the interior to the outdoors. The use of different textures provides the right combination of clean and comforting, adding warmth to the design.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet6
Mosman Bay Collection, Living and Dining area opening out to the balcony_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet7
Mosman Bay Collection, Bedroom_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Contour, Cronulla

The Contour is a 5-story residential building, with a total of nine apartments. The structure’s most striking feature is its form with its roof slabs that extend to make up splayed balconies for each of the apartments. The building is an interesting part of the Rooker St. Streetscape, on which it is located. The voids created by the balconies along with the wood finishing, both at the slab bottom and as vertical screens, make up a cohesive design form that attracts great visual attention.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet8
Contour, Cronulla_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Salisbury Road, Camperdown

A redevelopment project by PBD Architects, situated on Salisbury Road, aims to build 16 dwelling units in the existing warehouse structure while preserving the historical and cultural integrity of the place. The units are planned such that they blend with the local terrace typology. The open spaces strategically placed between these spaces, take care of the natural light and ventilation requirements for the structure. The material plays an important role in the entire concept, in the sense that it reuses the existing brickwork and enhances the look with metal roofs and cladding. 

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet9
Salisbury Road, Camperdown_ ©2022 PBD Architects

“Sanctuary” Wentworth Point Master Plan

Part of the Sanctuary Wentworth Point Master Plan, Seksui’s key phase site was developed by PBD Architects for an esteemed competition and the unique, organic design proposal turned out to be the winner. Five core principles drove the Masterplan concept, “Satoyama, Michi, Gohon No Ki, En Bai Yutaka, and Omotenashi ”, and these elements were carried through to this Phase as well. The structure got its organic, fluid form from the knots and grains in intersecting wood. The modern building’s design was inspired by the unique elements of nature. This is prominent at the entry level of the building, where the podium and the upper-level façade elements merge at their nodes.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet10
Sanctuary Wentworth Point Masterplan_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Parramatta Road, Granville

This high-rise residential development on Parramatta Road in the Granville district was another competition entry by PBD Architects. The design is based on a 5-pod concept and the final built form has numerous protrusions and recessions at each level giving it a dramatic appearance. The podium rises to four levels with commercial amenities at the street level, making the building a more interactive place in the area. In addition to the visual benefits, the voids at each level allow for more corner apartments and increased solar access. The selected materials blend with the existing architecture in the community with brickwork being an important highlight.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet11
Parramatta Road, Granville_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet12
Parramatta Road, Granville, Street view_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Merrinda, Kurraba Point

A low-rise residential development in Kurraba Point, this project manages to blend with the surrounding natural context. With its carefully selected materials such as neutral brick color, sandstone, and textured charcoal paint, the building represents simplistic elegance. The elevation on Kurraba Road also takes into consideration the heritage place next to it and the three dwellings opposite them, also listed as heritage items. The building complements the natural landscape around it without overshadowing it.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet13
Merrinda, Kurraba Point_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Dubbo Regional Tower

Considered a landmark project by PBD Architects, this development houses numerous amenities including 61 serviced apartments, 27 residential apartments, meeting rooms, a gym, a restaurant, and a bar along with a swimming pool and deck. The social activities are placed on the ground floor looking out towards the Macquarie River and an outdoor deck enveloping the corner of the building. There is also a proposed pedestrian footbridge connecting the structure to Macquarie Street. This bridge is a way to connect the building to its surroundings in flood events and to translate the vision of turning “Church Street” into “Park Street”.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet14
Dubbo Regional Tower_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Cargo Lane, Alexandria

Cargo Lane Terraces used to be a South Sydney warehouse, in dire need of redevelopment. Converted into six, 3-story terrace houses, containing 34 apartments, it is now a modern residential development. Retaining its original brick façade, PBD Architects introduced materials in combination such as steel, glass, and metal paneling to create a harmonious structure within the existing warehouse. It also has several vertical gardens and open spaces to ensure natural light and ventilation.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet15
Cargo Lane, Alexandria_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet16
Cargo Lane, Alexandria, Interior view_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Mera, Cammeray

Mera is a luxurious residential project of sixteen apartments, two on each floor. The design features a curved form, focusing on the narrow entryway in the middle. A combination of dark wooden screens against white walls, along with stone planters in the entryway create a bright contrast effect. The larger apartments on the third floor open out to vast private terraces with skyline views, created by shifting the third-floor units further back from the building footprint of the floors below.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet17
Mera, Cammeray_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Schofields Redevelopment

A large-scale residential proposal consisting of 9 buildings, Schofields Redevelopment is located in a developing area with an urban demographic. It has a total of 651 housing units along with basement parking on two levels. The buildings are spread on a site of 4924 ha. and are connected by stepped landscaped courtyards. The concept is followed on the upper floors, with the building form characterized by corner balconies and projections. The façade has several glazing and metal screening places alternatively to give a clean and light look to the structure.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet18
Schofields Redevelopment facade_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet19
Schofields Redevelopment_ ©2022 PBD Architects

Eva, Mosman

A small residence of 5 apartments, Eva’s residence is located in the Mosman area of Sydney. Simplistic in its design, the building has a minimalistic color palette of white and grey. The wide picture windows complement this theme and provide expansive views of the surroundings. The interiors are spacious and light-filled with natural material highlights. The design pays careful attention to scale and proportion, balancing the structure with the use of materials and a perfect indoor-outdoor flow.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet20
Eva, Mosman entrance_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet21
Eva, Mosman_ ©2022 PBD Architects

The Livingstone, Pymble

This project of 19 units is a living center for seniors located on Livingstone Avenue and stands in a quiet, residential neighborhood of Pymble. The design uses a warm, earthy tone for its external elements as well as natural landscaping which is in tune with the residents’ comfort level and the area’s context. This is also apparent in the way PBD Architects use a classic form, sloped roof, and solid massing. The entire structure presents an extremely warm and traditional ambiance to its residents.

PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet22
The Livingstone, Pymble Southside facade_ ©2022 PBD Architects
PBD Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet23
The Livingstone, Pymble aerial view_ ©2022 PBD Architects


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