Revitalization. That is what is at the core of all of Andrew Skurman’s works. His work revives and incorporates classical principles while also embodying a modern spirit, bringing a fresh twist to the established. Andrew Skurman has carved a name for himself as the go-to American architect for French, Mediterranean, and Georgian style buildings with all his creative designs. Skurman’s impressive portfolio includes works in California, New York, France, Australia, and Tahiti, and has won him several awards including the Arthur Ross Award for architecture.

Though he has countless developments that are worthy of mentioning, here are 15 meticulously selected works that best represent his excellence.

1. The Resort at Pelican Hill

Arguably his most well-known work, The Resort at Pelican Hill is a masterpiece of Mediterranean architecture. Located in Newport Beach, California (about a 50 kilometer drive from Los Angeles), it spans a massive 2 square kilometers and is one of the top resorts in the region. In addition to the breathe-taking scenery, the architecture of the resort is one of the highlights that make it such an attractive place to stay. Its spectacular design earned it the Julia Morgan Award for Best Commercial New Construction as a testament to the grandeur of the complex.

2. A Spanish Colonial Estate

With gorgeous arches and an intricate winding staircase, this work represents the best in terms of Andrew Skurman’s Architects attention to detail. The massive reflection pool is reminiscent of the famous reflection pool in the Alhambra, while the mosaic like elements of the house are a nod to Moorish influences in Spanish architecture.


3. An Italianate Lakeside Villa

In this picturesque lakeside villa, Andrew Skurman’s true brilliance shines through. He stays true to the Italian image by including the cypress trees and includes transparent doors that allow for a view of the charming lake while indoors. And with an equally beautiful bathroom and kitchen, it’s easy to see why this work made the list.

4. A Greek Villa

True to Greek style, the beautiful ionic columns are an integral part of his design on the exterior, while the intricate draperies pull it all together in the interior. And once again, the cypress tree makes an appearance as a gesture towards the Mediterranean landscape.

5. A Hillside Villa

In this project, Skurman shows that he can experiment with classical techniques. In particular, he includes Corinthian columns in the interior with a twist; literally. The column forms a coil instead of the traditional straight column; proof of Skurman’s willingness to push the boundary with classical architecture. This creatively designed villa is truly a marvel to behold.

6. A House In Melbourne

In this pearly white estate, Andrew Skurman delivers grandiose on an unimaginable scale. Blending both contemporary and French classical ideals, the sparkling clean residence shows the best of Skurman’s design capabilities. The ornate stairwell, beautiful furniture, and intricate wall pieces complement the monochromatic complex in an unexpected but fulfilling way.

7. A Townhouse

In this project, Andrew Skurman Architects shows off their interior design capabilities. The centerpiece of this wonderfully designed interior is the elegant stair rail. The intricately adorned interior of the townhouse is a unique blend of complex and meticulous design, which demonstrates Skurman’s aptitude for interiors as well.

8. A House in New Delhi

In this beautifully designed residence, Skurman goes international once again. With an white and orange color scheme, Skurman subtly draws attention to his carefully crafted project. The house is complemented by beautiful flooring and an equally magnificent yard. 

9. Restoration and Reconfiguration of the Salon Doré

In yet another award winning project Andrew Skurman Architects demonstrate that they can not only build and create, but also preserve and restore. This restoration project won him the Julia Morgan Award for Historic Preservation and Restoration. His expertise in classical architecture enabled him to bring this historic room back to its original glory.

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10. A City Apartment in the Haussmannian Style

Equally iconic as the last, this project is one of transformation. This project won the Julia Morgan Award for Best Apartment Renovation in 2016 and is an exemplary work to say the least. This style from the Napoleon era of France is captured perfectly by Skurman. And the decor and furniture top off the exquisite design of the apartment space. 

11. A City Residence

This wonderful project takes the best from both worlds. With both classical Georgian principles as well as contemporary ideas, this house is the perfect fusion of old and new. The deceivingly simple exterior gives way to an incredible interior with modern flair. From the rug to the couch, every piece is carefully selected to contribute to the atmosphere.

12. An American Farmhouse

Subtlety is the key in this work by Skurman. Every element is found in moderation. For example, the gorgeous plaid seating is a reference to the classic American agrarian lifestyle. And the sea urchin-esque chandelier adds an exciting modern twist to this wonderful resident. It should also be noted that the centerpiece of the residence is the beautiful willow tree.

13. A Georgian Penthouse

Perhaps what’s most prominent part of this work is the striking vestibule. Its immediacy invites you into a stunning interior, designed with the utmost detail. With features like an ornate ceiling and a stunning blue kitchen, this penthouse is emblematic of neoclassicism at its finest.

14. An Anglo-Grecian Country House

This beautiful countryside residence draws on inspiration from the best of the Greeks. The bold ionic columns and the glass-topped dome are the highlights of this magnificent house. The curving interior balcony offers a grand view of the inside while the blue paint and wavy trim create an atmosphere reminiscent of the sea. It was awarded the Julia Morgan Award for Best New Residential Architecture over 5000 sq. ft. in 2014.


15. A Contemporary Georgian Apartment

The final work best captures Andrew Skurman’s ideology. In this apartment, old technique meets new ideas. This masterpiece of an apartment includes an awe-striking wall fresco that contrasts with the white interior. The minimalist interior is a change of pace from the usual intricacies that Andrew Skurman is world-renowned for, but is nonetheless one of his best works.


Andrew Skurman Architects is at the intersection of brilliant new ideas and old classical techniques. By bringing these two strengths together, Andrew Skurman and his staff have forged a unique identity for themselves and earned themselves recognition through sheer creativity. It’s safe to say that Andrew Skurman Architects has left its mark on the world.


Eric Pham is a high school senior in the US with a fascination for the built environment. He believes that with more sustainable designs, architects and planners can change the world and create more eco-friendly urban areas.