The Fabric Wave – An old villa on M.G. Road, Bangalore (Heart of the city) is
adorning a bold, vibrant and enthusiastic make over, to characterize itself as a skyline statement to the ever-evolving contemporary surroundings.

Project Name: The Fabric Wave
Studio Name: A.J Architects
Location: M.G. Road, Bangalore
Photography: A.J Architects

The Fabric Wave by A.J Architects - Sheet1
Front View ©A.J Architects

A wave pattern façade was planned to camouflage the existing facade and raise the design quotient. The design team played with tensile fabric to achieve the flexibility and fluidity, which also creates a barrier from the west side sun, directly hitting the façade. This in turn
helped in reducing energy consumption.

The Fabric Wave by A.J Architects - Sheet2
Kitchen ©A.J Architects

The play of light on the fabric adds to the versatility and vibrancy of the facade. Tensile structures are certainlycomplex elements of our architectural vocabulary, they can be as simple as atent, where poles and ropes pretension the membrane or fabric.

The Fabric Wave by A.J Architects - Sheet3
Lobby Seating ©A.J Architects

This characteristic of the tensile fabric helped the design team to plan the façade without any major alteration to the existing structure. The existing windows were retained and the same were carved out in the tensile fabric structure. The extension of kitchen wall with exposed burnt bricks add to the contrast of the façade.


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