Snøhetta Architects is an international design firm that deals with Architecture, Interior and Landscape design, etc. The establishment started in the year 1989 by Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Christoph Kapeller, and Craig Edward Dykers. Snøhetta’s headquarters is based in Oslo, Norway; they have offices and studios at different locations around the world like New York, Paris, etc. They believe in giving utmost attention to every minute detail of design irrespective of its size and scale. Snøhetta’s work displays an experiential outcome through the process and design. The organization is internationally acclaimed with many prestigious awards to its name. Below is the list of 10 Hospitality Projects by Snøhetta Architects:

1. The 7th Room | Snøhetta Architects

Standing high in the picturesque views of the Lapland treetops and the Lule River, the 7th Room is the newest addition to the Tree hotel. The whole design is an experiential journey for the user that blurs the gap between the inside and the outside world which is the specialty of Snøhetta Architects. This 52 sq. m. structure stands tall on the 12 columns and is approached by a series of flights of stairs. The bottom of the building is printed with images of trees that combine with the environment. The 7th Room has an open living dining and kitchen area with two bedrooms and an open netted terrace for exceptional views and star gazing at night. Snøhetta has raised the bar with this project justifying its principle in every sense.

The 7th Room - Sheet1
View from ground ©www.snø
The 7th Room - Sheet2
Interior of the room ©www.snø
The 7th Room - Sheet3
View from netted terrace ©www.snø

2. Clarion Hotel Energy

This structure designed by Snøhetta Architects defines the community transformation of Stavanger, Norway which was once the epicenter for fishing and canning industries. The building was completed in 2014 and has been a landmark attraction of the area since then. Snøhetta Architects has commissioned the work for the concept and volume study of the Hotel and Conference center. The building is clearly distinguished into two parts which are seen in the elevation by the use of material and segregation of activities inside these. The lower part of the building is finished with river stone and houses public spaces like the foyer, reception, and conference room. The upper cantilever floor has a window pattern on the façade and is cladded with reflective material and has 410 rooms having their own distinct characters. With the help of the overall character of the structure, a tribute is paid to the Stavanger community.

Clarion Hotel Energy - Sheet1
Elevation of the Hotel ©www.snø
Clarion Hotel Energy - Sheet2
View of complete Hotel ©www.snø
Clarion Hotel Energy - Sheet3
Interior of room_©www.snø

3. Falkensteiner Family Hotel | Snøhetta Architects

An ongoing project by Snøhetta Architects located in Montafon is a 5-star family hotel. The hotel is seated on an Alpine range in the Federal State of Vorarlberg, Austria. The project has two rectangular buildings sitting on the topography with the Landscape designed as well as surroundings. The characteristic feature of the planning of the hotel by Snøhetta Architects is the incorporation of activities both inside and outside within the building especially keeping in mind the users. The topography plays an important role in the design of the site and is very evident in the elevation that is a very composed design.

Falkensteiner Family Hotel - Sheet1
View of Hotel with the surroundings ©www.snø
Falkensteiner Family Hotel - Sheet2
Site plan ©www.snø
Falkensteiner Family Hotel - Sheet3
Elevation of the Hotel ©

4. Barr 

Redefined in the earlier famous Restaurant Noma, the design for this restaurant is a trendy mix of old and new worlds. A new identity is given to the interior and brand by Snøhetta Architects. The interiors are complementary to the surroundings of the place. The material palette is very sensibly chosen and reflects the history of the food and drinks culture of the region. Snøhetta Architects created a bold expression with the use of local material and craftsmanship in the whole design and its execution. This space has got a very refreshing identity both physically and visually.

Barr - Sheet1
Entrance of the Restaurant ©www.snø
Barr - Sheet2
Furniture details at the Restaurant ©www.snø
Barr - Sheet3
Interior of the Restaurant ©www.snø

5. Bjellandsbu- Ǻrafjorden Cabin | Snøhetta Architects

Located beside a lake close to Ǻrafjorden in the untouched mountain ranges in the western part of Norway resides this hunting lodge- Bjellandsbu. This structure designed by Snøhetta Architects is so strikingly merged within its landscape that it often goes unnoticed at first sight. This 35 sq. m. area can accommodate up to 21 people and is accessible only by foot or on a horse. The structure has an attractive set of curved beams which is finished with locally available hand-cut timber logs and the roof is covered by the grass that grows from the site around. The windows on the sides give scenic views of the lake and mountain along with providing ample light in the space. This building by Snøhetta Architects is a perfect getaway and is a treat to Humans due to its perfect location.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Interior of the Cabin ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View for the location of Cabin ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Elevation of the Cabin ©www.snø

6. Fuglemyr Hytta

This cabin is designed for small trekking groups or families by Snøhetta Architects for the Norwegian Trekking Association. This structure is placed amidst hills to the north of Oslo taking the advantage of views across Oslofjord. The cabin is accessible by foot only and is situated close to Vettakollen panoramic viewpoint. The thoughtfully designed Pentagonal form of the building by Snøhetta Architects allows capturing different serene views from every corner of the cabin and also restricts the wind pressure during harsh climatic conditions. The building has a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a toilet in a separate building at the rear. Snøhetta has done this building wonderfully targeting the use by the visitors.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View of Cabin at Night ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Detailing in elevation ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View from interior of Cabin ©www.snø

7. Hotel Brosundet

This project is an extension and renovation of a warehouse situated beside the old harbor in Alesund, Norway which is a historical part of the west coast. Snøhetta Architects redesigned this building keeping the essence of the earlier structure alive. The original structural members are kept exposed which distinctly defines the ambiance of the space. There are 47 rooms in the hotel giving a view of the coast and each having a varying layout with the same furniture. The interplay of the newly added elements to the existing ones creates a wonderful contrast giving it a character. A 13 sq. m. single suite is also designed by Snøhetta Architects in a nearby lighthouse called ‘Molja’. The project displays an excellent example of renovation in its minimal extent.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Elevation of the Hotel ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View of the Suite ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Interior of Rooms ©www.snø

8. Hotel Resort Königssee | Snøhetta Architects

Snøhetta is known for its competition-winning projects and this hotel is also a part of an urban design competition. It is basically a revitalization concept at Lake Königssee and the hotel is also a part of it based in Southern Germany. The prominent objective of the project is to increase the attractiveness of the region for tourists. This modern building is well versed to be a part of the context with open hotel typology to improve tourism quality. The concept of the project is to get a synchronization of different types of buildings coming together to create a harmonious atmosphere for people visiting there. Thus, the hotel is also designed by Snøhetta with a deep understanding of the overall concept of the project.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Site plan ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View of Hotel ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Site plan ©nteaser

9. Swarovski Beletage

This structure is an extension to the Daniels Café and Restaurant which is located on the premises of Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal World). The building can accommodate up to 120 guests in its 200 sq. m. area. The concept by Snøhetta Architects for the design for this building revolves around defining the sophisticated Swarovski Brand. The simple exterior façade complements its exclusively designed interiors providing users a world-class culinary experience. Snøhetta Architects has used a mixed material palette ranging from stones, metal, glass, etc., to soft wooden hues creating a contrast. This space is designed for multipurpose use apart from dining changing from the seminar room to dance floor to gala dinner. The whole purpose of giving a metaphor to the brand is successfully achieved via design by Snøhetta Architects.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View for the Hotel_©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View from Interior © www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Interior of the Hotel_©www.snø

10. Under | Snøhetta Architects

This critically acclaimed structure is Snøhetta’s newest addition to their breakthrough design. Under is Europe’s first underwater restaurant and also functions as a research center for marine life. The building is located amidst the unique confluence of the sea and abundant biodiversity at the southernmost tip of the Norwegian coastline. The structure is designed carefully to integrate with marine life with its 34 m long monolith form, and thick concrete shell can withstand the pressure from the sea. The most striking feature is the massive restaurant that offers a view of the stunning seabed. The whole project is a thoughtful design process which is creating a connection between land and sea.

Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Site view for Restaurant ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
View of sea from window of restaurant ©www.snø
Snøhetta- 10 Iconic Hospitality Projects
Entrance of the Restaurant ©www.snø

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