Ashoka design studio is a multi-disciplinary Jaipur based firm that specializes in hospitality, corporate, commercial, institutional, and residential architecture and interior design. Founded in 2013, the studio’s foundation was laid by Ar. Ashok Kumar Jangir. Since its inception, the firm is known to take a human-centric approach towards its projects. This means creating environments where space planning and designing products that support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life to make them feel comfortable. In 2018 Ashok design studio was acknowledged and awarded at ‘India’s Most Prominent Architect & Design Awards’.

Following is the list of 5 projects by Ashoka design studio.

1. Retreat Restro-bar

The Retreat is a rooftop restro-bar in the heart of Jaipur city. Inviting and spacious rooftop allows the crowd to breathe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The subtlety of charm and freshness of the beauty outside continues for the visitors to embrace nature inside out. A warm colour scheme creates a cosy mood, and at the same time reflects luxury. The smart placement of light fixtures in the interiors transform space, making it more comfortable and mood uplifting. “It helps the users feel like the most charming, attractive version of themselves,” says ADS. The metal screen on the facade of the restaurant continues to form a ceiling that filters natural light.

Retreat Restro-bar - Sheet1
Image 1 – Retreat Restro bar ©ashokadesignstudio
Retreat Restro-bar - Sheet
Image 3 – Retreat Restro bar ©ashokadesignstudio
Retreat Restro-bar - Sheet3
Image 3 – Retreat Restro bar ©ashokadesignstudio
Retreat Restro-bar - Sheet4
Image 4 – Retreat Restro bar ©ashokadesignstudio

2. Gallon56 – Bikers cafe

Gallon 56 is the first biker café of Jaipur. The property was an automobile service centre, which got converted into a cafe with a bike as a central theme. The entire restaurant is constructed out of industrial material pallets like exposed Ceiling that hosts different parts of the bike, woven rope and wood segregating entrance, lounge, reception, and fine dining in a single space. To maintain the notion of industrial design, materials like fuel dispenser nozzle as handles, gas pipelines for plumbing, buckets as pots are used to add aura. Exposed brick walls paired with army green-camouflage colour sofa and dark wood furniture give retro vibes and a soul to this place.

The panoramic glass window allows the natural light to pour inside the café. A Steel mesh like screen on facade creates a kinetic visual and an architectural identity for the café. It gives shades from different angles at the day time and aesthetic, impact, warm glow, and drama at night.

Gallon56 - Bikers cafe - Sheet1
Gallon56 ©ashokadesignstudio
Gallon56 - Bikers cafe - Sheet2
Gallon56 ©ashokadesignstudio
Gallon56 - Bikers cafe - Sheet3
Gallon56 ©ashokadesignstudio
Gallon56 - Bikers cafe - Sheet4
Gallon56 ©ashokadesignstudio
Gallon56 - Bikers cafe - Sheet5
Gallon56 ©ashokadesignstudio

3. Hidden treasures of India – office

Hidden treasures of India is a tour and travel company based in Jaipur. The idea behind interiors of this corporate space manifested from the services and experience offered by this Indian tour company. ASD designed their office by reflecting the heritage of Indian art, craft and culture in a very minimal way possible. The challenge lay in designing this project was to incorporate a small pantry, a waiting area, workstation and an MD Cabin in a space of 400 sq. ft. Ar.  Ashok Kumar Jangir aimed for elegance without compromising the ease or practicality.

Wooden block-printing sanganeri blocks/ stamps form the wall in the office. A map of Rajasthan is suspended from the ceiling along with a single minimal light disc. Wooden jali acts as a partition between the waiting area and office. Curtains with a cypress tree block print add to the tranquillity that place offers to the visitors. The Cyan door adds a hint of vibrance in the luxury of wood. 

Indian design elements used in the projects like sanganeri blocks, brackets, jaali and colours used in the space brings Indian elegance to life which was the primary aim of ASD Studio. 

Hidden treasures of India - office - Sheet1
Hidden treasures of India office ©ashokadesignstudio
Hidden treasures of India - office - Sheet
Hidden treasures of India office ©ashokadesignstudio
Hidden treasures of India - office - Sheet3
Hidden treasures of India office ©ashokadesignstudio

4. Pinjra restaurant 

Small restaurants are usually tight projects with the challenge being balancing economy, project management and time constraints, at the same time, delivering an impactful space.

Pinjara is a tiny, contemporary, and minimal restaurant in Jaipur. ASD approached the project in a very subtle way possible. A wooden accent wall is created with a live kitchen window and the rest of the space is a dull wash of white. Space opts for a very minimal contemporary look however is still tactically rooted in regional textures, finishes and material palette. The entrance has a metal ‘Pinjra – cage’ sculpture on its name board with an inviting entrance, sitting spaces, large glass windows, half opaque glass keeping the privacy of the space as well as visually connecting the inside-outside area.  A very well handcrafted textured wall achieved with simple tools on the plastered wall, complemented the rustic look of the place and kept the cost minimum.

Pinjra restaurant  -Sheet1
Pinjra Restaurant ©ashokadesignstudio
Pinjra restaurant  -Sheet2
Pinjra Restaurant ©ashokadesignstudio
Pinjra restaurant  -Sheet3
Pinjra Restaurant ©ashokadesignstudio

5. Seven heavens

Seven heavens is a residential apartment renovation/ interior project. There is a subtle flow of pastel shades on walls and upholstery combined with wood furniture and whitewashed walls. The strong play of subtle colours is the highlight of this project.  Paintings are used as statement pieces inside the house. Jali combined with small storage furniture acts as a divider of spaces.   

Seven heavens - Sheet1
Seven Heavens ©ashokadesignstudio
Seven heavens - Sheet2
Seven Heavens ©ashokadesignstudio
Seven heavens - Sheet3
Seven Heavens ©ashokadesignstudio
Seven heavens - Sheet4
Seven Heavens ©ashokadesignstudio

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