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The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach And Dharmesh Jadeja has done both, dream and do. A civil engineer by education, Dharmesh is an inspiration to those who think dreaming big is too much hard work.

© Dharmesh Jadeja

Architect: Dharmesh Jadeja
Location: India

Decades back he questioned the wrongs in the field of construction and architecture and set off in search of the solutions. Over 25 years later, that has still not changed, his studio Dustudio, formerly BuildAur, has been broadcasting the flagging glory of indigenous practices, traditional techniques and reinforcing their relevance in a contemporary setup.

© Dharmesh Jadeja

The firm indulges in thorough research of local material and techniques and consistently engages with artisans to blend the ancient art of building with progressive designs. Each project by Dustudio is a pure craft of perseverance and their practice a meditative expression.

© Dharmesh Jadeja

Rather than discarding traditions they choose to aesthetically celebrate them through their work. Their designs are so eloquent that they merely don’t take traditional practices forward but put them on a pedestal. The basic language is minimal but the execution is tediously intricate.

© Dharmesh Jadeja

Apart from their mainstream practice that comprises of residential, hospitality and urban design they also collaborate with several organisations and institutes to orchestrate change on a larger scale. One of their ambitious commitments is the Dhrafa Studio in Dharmesh’s home town, initiated in association with Shaurya Foundation, which aims to establish creative ties between urban and rural communities through research and study programs.

© Dharmesh Jadeja

Dharmesh is also one of the most celebrated calligraphists in the country; for him calligraphy is a personal expression that allows him to balance out the demands of his architectural profession. Here Dharmesh divulges the strengths of indigenous practices and its versatile nature to adapt to the current contemporary scene.

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