The First Destination at the Greater Bay Area

This era embraces integration between design and art, work and life, beauty and practicality. Traditional boundaries and rules are broken, and lifestyle keeps evolving. A Boundless and Ideal Life Experience Center at CCD Headquarters was created under such context. It sits on 48F of a high rise in Shenzhen — a key part of the Greater Bay Area. By combining a playful spirit of exploration with technological elements, the project shows a creative and fantastic image.

Project Name: A Boundless and Ideal Life Experience Center at CCD Headquarters
Project Location: 48F, Shenzhen ICC Tower, No. 168 Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen, China
Project Area: 1924 m2
Design Firm: CCD / Cheng Chung Design (
Photo Credit: CCD


A Wonderful Living Lab

This is a workspace that reverses traditional office form. Occupying one floor, it accommodates office area, coffee bar, open kitchen, book bar, single-person soundproof pods, amphitheater, floating conference rooms, salon area, etc. Besides, it’s an exhibition hall of world-class products as well as a product museum, through which we’re going to build an online and offline technology platform. Here, we can not only work, but also host events like art salon, movie party, academic seminar, coffee tasting, or business and leisure activities. We intend to let communication naturally happens here, so as to create infinite possibilities between oneself and others.

A Modern Art Complex

Classic Chinese garden is a diversified art complex, which integrates literature, painting, calligraphy, carvings, bonsai, drama and others into one, and provides an ideal venue for a variety of cultural activities such as reciting poetry, playing instruments, painting, singing, drinking, etc., thereby enhancing the exchanges and development of all walks of life. The project inherits the charm of classical Chinese gardens and interprets traditions in a new way. This space can be regarded as a modern art complex.

“Time Gate” (Elevator Hall)

The hall gleams when the elevator door opens. It’s flanked by environmentally friendly bamboo grilles, which help to create a tranquil and elegant ambience and give the space “a sense of time”.

Coffee Bar

By thinking out of the box, CCD adopted a mix-and-match design approach to create a cozy, relaxing environment in the coffee bar. This area brings in greenery, outdoor CBD landscape, sunshine, industrial-style elements as well as eye-catching paintings, making it appear like a small art gallery. With a strong sense of design, thoughtful services, gentle jazz music, delicious food, etc., it offers leisurely multi-sensory experiences.


Book Bar

The book bar is a pleasant venue for both private time and social gatherings. It features the dialogue of furniture, close connection of different scenes, and the mix of modern atmosphere and aroma of coffee, enabling people to appreciate the appeal of the Greater Bay Area while tasting coffee.

The bar has a collection of items from around the world, such as the large sofa, chairs and books. Each object, no matter how large or small, has its own story or carries the past, which creates opportunities for sharing and communication and spices up the space as well.


The stairs not only connect 48F to the office area on 49F, but also function as an amphitheater for training and salon activities, as CCD is a training base of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Training salons, sharing activities as well as art and lifestyle aesthetics lectures are hosted at irregular intervals, allowing students to cultivate aesthetic taste from different aspects and discover an ideal attitude towards life.

The wooden artwork “Big Fish” is an eye-catcher, because of its unconventional size. The fish’s powerfully swaying body and piercing eyes inject vitality into this area that is full of an academic atmosphere. The artwork also implies CCD’s new sub-brand “Fish Eye Design (FED).”


Open Kitchen

The open kitchen on the other side of the coffee bar incorporates oriental catering culture and etiquette. The island provides a space for drinking or buffet dinner, satisfies multiple demands and shows versatility of the space.

It’s a place that connects people with gourmet food and allows them to communicate in a relaxing manner. Delicious food, refreshing wines and beautiful cityscape out of the window will ease you down. The open kitchen is filled with laughter and cheerful voices. It dissolves the tense business atmosphere of the CBD and generates a home-like cozy atmosphere.

Office Area (People-Oriented Space)

The layout of office area features appropriate density, twists and turns, and brightness. The arrangement of diverse furniture breaks with conventional layout, and achieves a spatial pattern with appropriate density as well as twists and turns, just like that of classical Chinese gardens. There are large desks, integrated desk and chair combinations, crystal box-like meeting rooms and so on. Subtle spatial division makes each section independent from yet connected with each other. The entire space embraces sunshine that penetrates the windows. The concept of “sharing” is realized and executed to the extreme.

Floating Crystal Boxes (Conference Rooms)

Like crystal boxes, several conference rooms are cleverly set in the office area. Transparent glass walls make the rooms look like floating in the air. Lightweight and fun, those structures are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Product Exhibition Hall

The product display room in CCD’s 49F office has a reputation in the industry, and has been used as a shooting site of promotion videos for renowned enterprises for many times, while the product museum on 48F aims to create a space for showcasing the newest superior brand products worldwide. Exhibits are displayed along the wall so that visitors can appreciate them as they walk through the long gallery. Every exhibit is a novel and creative product strictly selected by CCD based on consideration of the newest technology and sustainability, with a view to creating an online and offline technology platform, realizing connection of different things, and hence promoting cooperation and innovation.

The space filled with a variety of exhibits will never fail to surprise you. You can find distinct lighting fixtures, diverse floor designs, furniture of different brands, etc. CCD takes you to walk in the memory and shows you the big world from the perspective of a collector who has travelled around the world. There is a thousand-year-old Buddha head art installation from Thailand, hand-made carpets from Turkey, Chinese-style antique chairs and objects whose origin can’t be traced…A kaleidoscopic and magic space is displayed in front of you. It keeps changing, turns the intangible into the tangible, and creates infinity from the finite.


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