In the vicinity of Gdańsk port, in a town of Cieplewo, there is an ofce which surprises its visitors with    a unique interior inspired by sea shipping containers. This industrial interior design was created by mode:lina™ architects.

Project Name: KOHLMAN ofce
Studio Name: modelina™
Status: Built
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Małgorzata Wawrzynek
LOCATION:   ul. Klonowa 1, 83-031 Cieplewo
AREA:  100 m2
PHOTOS:  Patryk Lewiński

MA247_KOHLMAN by modelina™ - Sheet2KOHLMAN is a producer of bathroom fttings. Materials sourced by the brand arrive inshipping containers in the nearby port in Gdańsk before they are transported to KOHLMAN’s headquarters.

MA247_KOHLMAN by modelina™ - Sheet19The investor was looking for an unconventional solution which would distinguish the company and be memorable to its customers. An idea proposed by the designers, relating to the containers in a nearby port, was a great success.

MA247_KOHLMAN by modelina™ - Sheet18

MA247_KOHLMAN by modelina™ - Sheet20

mode:lina™ created an industrial ofce with walls covered by metal trapezoidal sheets in steel frames imitating the form of shipping containers. Industrial accessories: lamps, switches and  handles complete the interior. An arrangement proposed by mode:lina allowed to organise the whole space, with separate zones and hidden back room serving as storage. The limited space was a test for the designers. In order to fnd additional room for ofces, they took advantage of the height of the building and created a mezzanine which resembles containers arranged on top of each other.


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