The GFK office is located at Vatika Towers, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. The 14,000sq. ft. office at the suburbs of Gurgaon, exudes the quirkiness brought through interior and décor to the large stretches of the corporate areas.

Project Name: GFK Office
Studio Name:
Essentia Environments
Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Photography: Essentia Environments

GFK Office by Essentia Environments - Sheet1
Workstation ©Essentia Environments

Leading with desires and concerns of the client, the entire office runs on a circular motion with movement around the space but the does not obstruct the working of different departments. The reception and office pantry are designed as the central unit within reach of all departments. This idea saves time and causes no disturbances to other departments whatsoever.

As bringing greens remains a great design input for commercial spaces, various green walls were incorporated within glass sandwich design to break the monotony of basic work life. The reception is provided with a seating, as an interactive space for conversation and leading further to the office food counter. The design also involves visual feed on walls that are entirely related to the company’s work ethics.

As employees spend a big part of their day in this space, a break out space is a must have for well-designed commercial spaces. Three-way seating was proposed to add the quirkiness and comfort to this space in contract with clean white furniture used at the workstations. The overall design approach is minimal, urban and in clean geometries.

GFK Office by Essentia Environments - Sheet2
Reception ©Essentia Environments

As big as a space, the heads were put down to smartly plan the cabins and workstations giving due privacy to the employees and yet make it appear as a one big body. The massive space ran shifts around the clock, hence proposing easy maintenance fixtures and furniture for a smooth functioning was also a priority. 45 days and 45 nights to handover a large corporate space for our clients GFK.

Following the design approach for this office, the selection of furniture is also modern and crisp. The workspaces embody white straight-line desks, nothing that obstructs the visual path stretching through the space is installed. The focus is laid on a functional space with cluster free movement. The break out space is intentionally introduced with pop colour furniture and fun appearance to serve its purpose of complete comfort and of a relation space.

The seating system maintains a distinctively formal precision while surrendering to the desire for curved lines in an elegant succession of soft, inviting volumes. The lounge area sees a splash of green with grey in its sofas and poufs, which brings a multifunctional piece that could be used as a seat and an occasional table, drawings its inspiration from nature and from the study of contemporary, corporate spaces.

GFK Office by Essentia Environments - Sheet3
Workstation ©Essentia Environments

The walls are treated with vertical gardens and greens caged within glass focusing on the importance of greens indoor. The reception area is also provided with a green wall with the initials of GFK jutting out. The ceilings were completely exposed and treated with chic lighting beautifying the ceiling. The floor as to be low maintenance is carpeted entirely except the reception. walk in space of the structure is floored with white natural stone.

The ceiling remains very raw in its appearance. Bringing flora to another wide closed space through vertical garden on the entrance walls and glass enclosed aisles, invites an invigorating vibrant environment. Clean and clutter free layouts of the cubicles and workstations give defined pathways and connectivity. From simply ditching the crisp white walls for graphical wallpapers to a total overhaul of the office layout, we took a step to break the mould and introduce a unique working environment to the team GFK.

A lot of green has been balanced with the grey shades in the entire space which are also suitable for easy maintenance. The colours are soothing to the eyes and perfect to keep up with work mode without causing any distractions. The balance has been brought up by using pastel shades in paintings that calmly breaks the monotony. The design approach remains subtle and modern in terms of colour. The office designed to give a vibe of modern-day space with basics of planning and design intact.


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