From the perspective of the five senses, the theme of the Artefacto Exhibition, TN Arquitetura sought to glimpse, through color and different textures, harmony with the exhibition furniture, bringing different sensory stimuli to visitors, who are immersed in an ambient where the elements fit together bringing different possibilities for a small loft.
The colors, an unmistakable signature of the Studio, are present in a combination of green, blue and pink, all very strong and with a lot of personality, but without leaving aside elegance and timelessness, since they are applied sometimes on large surfaces, now on point objects.

Project name: Mostra Artefacto 2019
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Photography: Eduardo Macarios

©Eduardo Macarios

Among the textures, we can mention the only coating (on the walls and floor) with a rustic finish, and the Indian straw panel lacquered exclusively by the joinery for this project, which merges with the painting in the same color as the ambient. These “fit”, making the space even more immersive, styling a sense of continuity and spaciousness.

©Eduardo Macarios

Also designed exclusively for the project, the dining room lamp surprises with a unique arrangement of elements that look like an extension of the ceiling – they were developed with the same color. Still in this ambient, there is a tensioned canvas that takes the place of a work of art by bringing an unusual and conceptual impression.

©Eduardo Macarios

There are several unusual elements of the project, such as the use of a chair as a bedside table, the tea table next to the sofa – which acts as a bench and the painting on the ceiling. The latter instigates the visitor to think beyond, as a window of art that glimpses the sky.


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