Varying textures and silky hues of nude emanate an elegant and playful feminine energy at Mejuri in San Francisco. A curvilinear architectural theme is seen in repetition, evoking softness and appeal in the visual experience. This curved form is applied to the custom-cut blue and pink tinted mirrors throughout the space, two jewellery consultation bars as well as the piercing studio’s partition wall.

Project Name: Mejuri SF
Studio Name: DS Studio Inc
Project size: 1000 ft2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 3
Location: San Francisco, United States
Photography: Krista Jahnke

©Krista Jahnke

The mix of materiality delivers dynamism to the architectural experience. Brass accents on the kick plate of the jewellery bars, the frames of the mirrors and pendants suspended over the bar reflect Mejuri’s product identity and their primary use of gold. The sheer curtain, sculptural wood fixtures and textured walls bring layering and depth to what was a flat canvass previous to the store’s transformation. DS Studio’s intervention was comprehensive; touching equally upon the larger interior space and smaller scale objects within it such as the geometric display forms and circular jewellery stands.

©krista jahnke

Hommage is paid to the store’s place and setting in San Francisco, where ornamental moldings are typical of heritage homes. The designers borrow from this vernacular and apply it to the feature wall. Triangulated MDF molding wraps around the jewellery counters topped with corian quartz, running through the linear plan of the space and the two floating bars towards the back. Mossy foliage cascades over a horizontally linear custom made washing light fixture with built-in planter to reference the variety of plant prolific in the region.

©krista jahnke

The desire was to create an alternative experience for a contemporary jewellery store, one that integrates both hospitality and retail design to host events and showcase product. Contrary to a conventional fine jewellery store environment with glass cases and barriers of access, the openness of the interior design at Mejuri invites tactile engagement with both product and space. The result is a modern, sophisticated and welcoming room for the time-honoured tradition of handcrafted jewelry.


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