Ministry of Grill is an Indian family restaurant in Vadodara specializing in grilled delicacies, where food and design seamlessly merge to create an indulging sensory experience. Designed and executed by Saar Interior Design, the thoughtfully designed interiors at MOG rejects mass-uniformity in multiple facets. As a result, every visit becomes a feast for the senses, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Project Name- Ministry of Grill 
Studio Name: Saar Interior Design, Vadodara
Design Team:
Hiren Patel & Dhara Tank
3200 SFt.
Photography Credits:
Tejas Shah Photography
Fine Artist:
Ms. Hina Bhatt

10005-Ministry of Grill by Saar Interior Design-Sheet3
©Tejas Shah Photography

During the initial project meetings, the client had briefed of wanting a space equally appealing for a diverse range of customers, including young people, elders, families and couples. With this criterion in mind, the designers set out to create a dining area that would transport guests into the magical stories of their childhood. Thus, to create a world of imagination and delight became essential.

The process began by selecting a palette of vibrant colors, playful patterns, and unique decor elements to bring the whimsical visual experience to life.

10005-Ministry of Grill by Saar Interior Design-Sheet4
©Tejas Shah Photography

The restaurant accommodates approximately 15 seating clusters, each showcasing its own distinct style and aesthetic. This was achieved by carefully designing a variety of chairs and table combinations that lingers in the minds of diners. The tailor-made three-legged table, with its elegantly turned blue legs and reclaimed teakwood top, added a touch of style to this space.

Designed to maximize the occupant’s inquisitive senses, the entire space boasts a diverse range of flooring options. Traditional muted Moroccan tiles combined with contemporary, angular stripes, square grid and herringbone patterned tiles creates captivating flooring that effortlessly marries the past and present. Colors like greens, ginger browns, scarlet reds and coral pinks are vivid and free-spirited.

10005-Ministry of Grill by Saar Interior Design-Sheet5
©Tejas Shah Photography

One of the most remarkable features of this restaurant is a custom-made, wall-sized cubist hand painting of the Mona Lisa. This exquisite artwork graces the leftmost wall, skillfully painted on leftover pieces of Plywood Sheets found on site and juxtaposed into the final artwork by the fine artist. The presence of this unique artwork infuses sophistication and intrigue to the space. Designer’s primary objective was to create an atmosphere reminiscent of an enchanting evening garden, evoking a sense of warmth and magic.

Another important feature of this space is the Burnt exposed brickwork on the Live Kitchen wall denoting the grill-centric nature of the establishment. The restaurant’s decor is thoughtfully adorned with 100% reclaimed wood with a blend of earthy wall treatments and materials, creating an ambiance that exudes a sense of relaxation and comfort. The entire space boasts a mesmerizing view, thanks to its three walls adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows that elegantly frame the boundless horizon.

10005-Ministry of Grill by Saar Interior Design-Sheet7
©Tejas Shah Photography
10005-Ministry of Grill by Saar Interior Design-Sheet8
©Tejas Shah Photography

The space is adorned with laser-cut metal jaalis, textured colored glass, and hand-painted panels. A variety of decorative pendant lights hang elegantly, while hot pink velvet handrests add a touch of luxury. Inverted greens, adorned with an array of tiny bulbs, create a captivating atmosphere. The combination of these elements results in a design that is almost theatrical, evoking a sense of reverie and joy.


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