Traditionally, Indians lived in a common family system. The home’s many residents and their interpersonal relationships required well-defined spaces for a variety of activities. Inside the house, there was a private zone and a public zone around the courtyard. These homes had a very high sustainability index. They were designed to suit climate, anthropometry, and Vastu Shashtra, and local building materials and techniques were used in their construction.

Many theorists and respected architects, such as Hassan Fathy, push the underlying concepts of traditional architecture to shape contemporary design. However, in the current scenario, traditional buildings are replaced by rapidly growing concrete jungles that are neither sustainable nor sensitive to natural disasters and microclimate conditions.

Here is a list of 50 beautiful houses in India,

Flintstone House, Kodiga Timmanapalli

The idea was to camouflage the surrounding buildings so that they would not be an eyesore in the scenic landscape. The COVID situation also limited the availability of raw materials, so we had to focus on incorporating materials such as dirt and waste into buildings using a technique called Debris Wall Construction.

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flintstone6 house mitti_©Syam Sreesylam

Villa KD45 Residence, Ghaziabad

The unusual shape of the site and the landscape of the nearby park were taken as design drivers. Based on the theme of the flowing greenery of the municipal park, the design extends from the south side of the park to the north edge.

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villa kd45 residence_©Niveditaa Gupta

Lucid House, Bengaluru

Following the core idea of ​​creating light-flooded and ventilated private rooms in the house, the upper dwelling is planned around a triple-height light shaft. Foreseeing that houses would be built on her three sides, the windows were kept nominally small and functional, allowing for ventilation.

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lucid house_©Arjun Krishna Photography

Mirai House Of Arches, Bhilwara

Designed on a small 622 square meter corner lot in a residential villa layout, Mirai is a contextual home for the hot desert climate of Rajasthan, India. Based on the location, there is minimal open space on the south and east sides, with the future construction of adjacent villas on these sides.

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mirai house of arches_©Dinesh Mehta

Void House, Thrissur

Echoing tropical modernism, this pleasing height blends seamlessly with the landscape, preserving the privacy of the occupants while invoking curiosity about what lies beyond. This modest east-facing home offers plenty of shade and features a courtyard that encourages free airflow throughout the property.

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void house_©Running Studios

Twin Home, Ahmedabad

The design intentionally enhances the landscape and integrates it with the architecture. Sunlight is treated with respect. The house uses this natural resource as much as possible and, together with the patio, ensures a living environment that is nourished by the sun and air and imbibes the character of biophilic design.

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twin-home_©Inclined Studio

Mulberry House, New Delhi

As the name suggests, the house is hinged around a mulberry tree. This was the only feature of the barren site. This mulberry tree was a very old and mature landscape feature when the site was first visited. Tree placement has emerged as a primary means of structuring residential design, giving it a unique identity.

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mulberry house_©Ranjan Sharma  Lightzone India

The House Of Seven Courts, Mehsana, Gujarat

The house was designed according to passive design principles. The hot and dry climate of Gujarat in western India required maximizing the natural flow of air and sunlight. The transition between open and built spaces accentuates the use of color and the play of light and shadow throughout the home.

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the house of seven courtyard_©Vinay Panjwani

Nagalingam Veedu Residence, Chennai

“Nagaringam Veedu” means “house with Nagalingam tree” in Tamil. This sacred tree was planted in the late 1990s by a client’s family at this location in their previous home and since then the fragrant flowers resembling the serpentine emblem are offered by the family in their prayers to Lord Shiva. It’s been done.

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nagalingam-veedu_©Shamanth Patil J

The Epicurus House, Ahmedabad

Intended as a place for meetings and celebrations, the house is designed with an inclusive nature that strengthens the bond between clients and guests. divided into loops.

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the epicurus house_©Inclined Studio0n
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