Urban Design

The Looper | RTKL Associates Inc.

Architect: Keith Campbell

Country: United States

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Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment | Dialog

Architect: Jennifer Zatser

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Urban Path | PH Design

Architect: Anthony Harrington

Team Members: Matthew Radune, Nimet Anwar

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Karl-Marx-Allee,Berlin | Hamed Khalidi

Architect: Hamed Khalidi

University: Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Hochschule Anhalt

Country: Germany

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Redevelopment Of Kahalgaon Ghat And Its Precincts | Keshav Madhav Singh

Architect: Keshav Madhav Singh

University: Amity University Gurgaon

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Hybrid city | Alisa Silanteva

Architect: Alisa Silanteva

University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

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Dx.Knots | Hussien Mansour

Architect: Hussien Mansour

Location: Cairo

Team Members: Ahmed Elshfei , Hossam Hesham, Mohammed Mansour

Status: Concept

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WhiteBay Precinct Project | Weijie Shen

Architects: Weijie Shen

University: University of Technology Sydney(UTS)

Country: Australia

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Homeostatic field | Chris Hütter

Architect: Chris Hütter

Country: Austria

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Networks of Urban Acupuncture | Sam Friesema

Participant Name: Sam Friesema

Country: United States

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Urban Acupuncture | Otto Kus

Participant Name: Otto Kus

Country: Poland

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Culture Cultures | Zherui Wang Molly Mason

Participant Name: Zherui Wang Molly Mason

Country: United States

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