Capital Hill Residence | Zaha Hadid

Project: Capital Hill Residence

Architect: Zaha Hadid

Location: Russia

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Industrial Loft in Athens | Konstantinos Pittas

Project: Industrial Loft in Athens

Architect: Konstantinos Pittas

Location: Greece

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Wavering Beams | YDS Architects

Project: Wavering Beams

Architect: YDS Architects

Location: Japan

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Putsegården | what! arkitektur

Project: Putsegården

Architect: what! arkitektur

Location: Sweden

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Tribeca Loft | Office of Architecture

Project: Tribeca Loft

Architect: Office of Architecture

Location: United States

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The Runkelsteiner | JMA

Project: The Runkelsteiner

Architect: JMA

Location: Italy

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La Barquiere | PietriArchitectes

Project: La Barquiere

Architect: PietriArchitectes

Location: France

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Jintai Village Reconstruction | Rural Urban Framework

Project: Jintai Village Reconstruction

Architect: Rural Urban Framework

Location: China

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