Public Building

National Museum of Afghanistan |Line and Space, LLC

Architects: Line and Space

Country: Afghanistan

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New Facade of Venice | Bumjin Kim

Architects: Bumjin Kim

Country: United States

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Bioclimatics Spaces Of Aggretion And Formation In Rio De janeiro Made Of Bamboo & Earth | Building Engineer-Architect

Architects: Chiara Giuggioli

Country: Italia

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The Culture Landscape after Tomorrow | MIARC

Architects: Mia Hsu

Country: Taiwan

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Architects: Sanjay Puri

Country: India

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Datong Citizens Hall | Lin Yu Chiao

Architects: Lin Yu Chiao

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Chiang Mai Community Centre Sport Centre | Phyllis Law

Architect: Phyllis Law Tze Cin

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Status: Concept

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Awaroa Lighthouse | Nick Roberts, Henry Stephens and Jansen Aui

Architects: Nick Roberts, Henry Stephens and Jansen Aui

Location: New Zealand

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