A pioneering American architect, and interior designer, Art Gensler founded the largest architectural firm in the world. In 1965, Gensler founded his firm in San Francisco with his wife, Drue Gensler, and James Follett. Among Gensler’s many world-class projects is the 632-meter-high Shanghai Tower, which ranks as the world’s second building. They have designed offices for the New York Times, The Washington Post, The London Stock Exchange, the Salesforce Tower, and the new American Embassy in London. Gensler believed that in addition to being an art form, architecture is also a business. A designer must be capable of solving their client’s problems through design while leading their own firms – large or small to become more sustainable. The company leverages its one-firm culture to create a better life for generations to come by diversity. The human experience is what makes this firm unique. It’s focused on climate change. Gensler has designed many Versatile Retail Space.

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Philosophy of works | Versatile Retail Space

As a designer, Gensler believes in transforming strategy into action. Using design to generate innovative solutions that transform real lives, they help companies realize their visions for the future. Design, business, and human experience are all connected. This allows them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between them. Due to their collaborative spirit, shared values, diversity of perspectives, and One-Firm Firm culture, they are stronger than ever before. As an interconnected team of experts, they’re able to make the biggest impact on global communities as they make progress toward addressing the world’s challenges. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates is now a global design company with 5,000 employees and 50 offices. In spite of his firm’s name-brand recognition and impact, Gensler never claimed credit for the designs of his buildings and interiors, but instead always worked to create a collaborative, team-based culture among all its engineers and designers.

Unlike many “star” architecture and design firms, Gensler has not developed a signature style. Instead, it responds to the unique requirements of its clients and the rapidly changing environment in which they operate. Architecture has the power to transform every aspect of everyday life, not only for the communities and organizations it serves.The expression of each building, he thought, should grow from the requirements of the client.The firm’s diverse backgrounds and expertise align around the vision of the founder, Art Gensler, which has allowed everyone to maximize their potential. In order to create a better world through the power of design, Gensler has created a platform for all professionals to be heard. This will create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive dialogues. Continually tackling the world’s challenges through seamless collaboration, the company is able to make the greatest impact on our global communities.

“Breakthrough ideas emerge from understanding the needs of the people and communities we serve. Delivering design that is informed, purposeful, innovative, and compelling means we encourage our people — the industry’s top talent — to explore new solutions to age-old problems. We reward collaboration and intellectual curiosity — striving to leverage design’s ability to elevate every day“.addressed by Gensler studio

Detroit is new black

Detroit is new black by Gensler: Versatile Retail Space - Sheet2
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Project Location:  Detroit, Michigan
Status: Completed 

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As a notion of art, fashion, and community mixing together to initiate a balanced culture in Detroit, Detroit is the new black podium. Detroit’s Black-owned brand’s platform strived to bring together the black and minorities. Gensler and Detroit is the new black partnership that designed retail, art, and culture spaces that are conducive to various social and cultural activities. Creating an inclusive environment requires an inclusive environment. Designing for a diverse world is impossible without being immersed in a diverse culture. Different perspectives must be considered. Because of this, they design with rather than for communities. 

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Detroit is new black-Display area_©https://www.gensler.com/projects/detroit-is-the-new-black
Detroit is new black by Gensler: Versatile Retail Space - Sheet5
Detroit is new black-Display area_©https://www.gensler.com/projects/detroit-is-the-new-black

An art and fashion-themed retail shop brings together various pockets for community engagement. Creating an authentic identity and fostering community engagement was key to a client’s vision. An iconic classic retail space infused with minimalist accents was created in accordance with the client’s vision of a branded retail shop. An open space was designed with a flexible use area to host various community events, transforming the store into a space for dynamic changes. The store can offer branded fashions and artwork during the day, and then become a place where community members can gather to perform various arts during the evening. This retail space includes a gallery, a yoga studio, and a retail store. Clients can control all of the activities at any given time. The design of the retail space is structured with a flexible arrangement of lightweight members crafted in black and white color to meet the needs of the client and turn it into an authentic-looking store. At the store where fashion meets art, light and reflections play a prominent role. A retail space created in a curated environment that represents a brand’s mission and authentic identity and fosters a sense of community can be arranged as a yoga studio, an artist playing the guitar, or a place for strangers to meet and greet.

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