Here is the list of the 7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022:

1. Hues that make you feel good | Best color combinations 

In the present scenario, people are opting for more comfort, joy and upliftment in their life as the global pandemic has affected many of them in adverse ways. The interiors should reflect their own favourite personal style, and the home should make them feel happy and boosted up with energy. Colour combinations like dreamy blues and purple tones provide a calming atmosphere to the house. The bright and welcoming hues of Yellows, along with joyful pinks in interiors, create a ‘feel good’ atmosphere for the users. Pale violets also give an elegant look with glow and alluring interiors. These hues are not gender-specific and also create different themes at different hours of the day – comforting at night and inviting during the day.  

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet1
©Photography by Annie Sloan

2. Heartwarming summer tones 

This year there is a lot of demand for uplifting shades due to the gone pandemic. The colour combinations such as yellows, tangerines, pale purples and baby pinks which were not encouraged much, have now grown up in a very sophisticated manner. Even if the above-mentioned colours are used in their muted forms and painted on four walls, they come out to be livable shades. Many people have struggled a lot to experience a proper summer these past two years. They have not even been on holiday; thus, richer tones of warm colour combinations are used by them to inject positivity and warmth into their respective homes.

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet2
©Photography by Annie Sloan

3. Sea to sky blues | Best color combinations 

The colour blue and its combinations have always felt very airy and fresh. These hues are soothing and best for experiencing tranquillity, which is particularly effective in relaxation spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Electric blues create drama on the wall, whereas cooler tones take the user into an industrial mood. This colour can be used in every room as it radiates happiness. The shade ‘Bright Skies’ is the Dulux Colour of the year 2022. Also, it can be said without a doubt that ‘Blue is the new black. Dark shades of blue can be best for hanging frames of paintings and artworks.

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet3
©Photography by Graham & Brown

4. Green: inspired by nature 

The colour Green harnesses the power of growth inspired by nature. Different colour combinations give different perspectives, such as the darker shades providing a user with the feelings of reassurance, rest and security, which was a necessity in such adverse situations faced during the pandemic. Some psychology studies have stated that the green colour puts the mind at ease and maintains a calm atmosphere even under the uncertainty of the pandemic. The green colour can be best combined with sandalwood or Ravensara furniture. Some light, dried floristry can also be paired up for decoration. The colour takes inspiration from many things, like leaves on the floor and the flowers in the garden.

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet4
©Photography by Tory McTernan Photographer

5. The 70’s era | Best color combinations

Grey colour is one of the most used earthy tones. Despite Grey colour combinations, more earthy tones such as those of terracotta, bold ochres and even shunned beige are again into the trend. These shades provide warmth to a place. These earthy colours are associated again with nature and help to bring what is outside to inside creating harmony. Adding pop colours in combination doesn’t let any user feel sapped or drained. The vibe of the 70s is not complete without orangey toned shades and the disco fever, hence colours look great with mirrored surfaces. Rich brown and caramel colours are best paired with pops of pink and orange.  

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet5
©Photography by James Merrell

6. The royal shades  

Once considered the dark and stormy shades but today they are considered the jewels. The most royal colour combinations consist of plum or black tones along with a red undertone which is a warm colour. This combination nowadays is used as an alternative to the combination of deep charcoal greys and blue-black along with pink and nude tones, which is now outdated or, say , traditional. The royal shades were used on staircases, feature windows or woodwork depicting elegance. These colours have originated by the names of gemstones such as the sapphire, peridot, emerald and ruby; and provide style confidence with bold contrast.

7 Best color combinations for interiors as of 2022 - Sheet6
©Photography by Little Greene

7. The neutrals | Best color combinations

Mostly the neutral colour combinations involve greys and creams. The neutrals are best used for cocooning spaces that would give the feel of intimacy in the house. They can be used in all the areas of the houses, as they also help in reflecting natural light. Also, giving the feel of increased space in a specific area. They symbolize warmth and sophistication. The colours act as a complimentary canvas for various fabrics, wall coverings and furnishings from all genres. These colours reduce stress levels as they are clean, with light hues and tones. Blue, green and sandy shades are some combinations for sure which provide a sense of relaxation and serenity.  

©Photography by Future/ Jake Curtis / Alyce Taylor



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