Simple To Use Blocks That Will Make Your Child Want to Become An Architect

Arckit’s new blocks are a great toy not just for kids. You can also use them to create professional architectural models.

Arckit has released a series of blocks designed for both architects and children. The kits are inspired by the original three-dimensional modeling system for professionals that the company launched two years ago. ” By creating our new products, we wanted to be faithful to the original, but we also wanted them to be suitable for a wider audience, ” says Damien Murtagh, owner of Arckit.


The new Arckit blocks have been created for children since the age of six. They are very easy to use – just one click is enough to bring together the elements.


We have two types of sets: Cityscape and Masterplan.

Both work in the same way, but in Masterplan you can find additional components that allow you to build taller buildings or bridges.


Arckit Masterplan contains white and transparent elements and is available in two versions – 350 or 1000 parts. Each also includes special stickers that allow you to create realistic facades of buildings. Arckit Cityscape is available in four different architectural styles. Each consists of white and pastel components. There are 3 versions – 45, 125 or 220 items. You can order blocks at Kickstarter . The cheapest set costs 19 euros.


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