It was these two dishes that became branded in the menu of the new cafe in the satellite city of the Ukrainian capital. The institution opened one of the networks of gas stations as a pilot project. For the future, the founders of large-scale plans: to open a whole network of restaurants, which will serve borsch and burgers – the symbols of Ukrainian and American cuisine.

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"Borsh & Burger" A New Cafe Near Kiev - Sheet1

"Borsh & Burger" A New Cafe Near Kiev - Sheet2

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Infographics on the wall – a fantasy on the topic, as if the conveyor for cooking borsch

Already in the title “Borsht Burger Bar” is connected what, at first glance, has nothing to do: two dishes, two characters of completely different cuisines and two spelling languages. Before the designers Natalia Sulima and Olga Gnativ set a difficult task – to mix cultures and traditions. So there was a modern fashionable cafe with the Ukrainian color “Borsch & Burger” in Kiev , but without a cliche.

"Borsh & Burger" A New Cafe Near Kiev - Sheet3

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Tables, chairs, upholstered furniture – all manufactured by the company Kitass

In the interior, fashion trends can be traced: concrete, metal, wood, warm colors. Elements of “Ukrainianness” are made of ordinary materials, but in a new interpretation. For example, “embroidery” with a woolen thread on a pine “canvas”: the pattern is recognizable, but not an exact copy – after all, designers tried to demonstrate a fresh look at traditional ornaments, to give them a modern sound.

"Borsh & Burger" A New Cafe Near Kiev - Sheet4

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A warm atmosphere thanks to the use of natural materials is also presented in the wooden cafe “Penka” .

The walls of the cafe “communicate” with guests with ads written in the author’s type in the style of an old Ukrainian cursive. Implementation – Natalia Sulima

On the area of ​​one hundred and forty-eight square meters there are three zones: a hall with infographics and high seating for a quick lunch, a hall with round tables and soft armchairs for large companies, a lounge with sofas for evening rest and a weekend. An important part of the interior is an open kitchen. The owners of the cafe emphasize that they have no secrets from the guests: the dishes are prepared by a professional team – from the best Ukrainian products in perfectly clean conditions.

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The original design of modern cafes can also be viewed on our website.

"Borsh & Burger" A New Cafe Near Kiev - Sheet5

A dark red tint was chosen as the color accent, which is logically connected with the name of the institution. By the way, even a burger is cooked here in Ukrainian – with a beetroot cutlet

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