So, here’s a list of some amazing fonts that every architect must try at least once for their presentations. These can be used for the title blocks of the projects, and even for the sub-headings. We believe a good design deserves a good presentation and here’s our effort to help with that. We request our readers to not just flip the list, but actually download them and use on theirs sheets, we’re sure you’ll love the magic of these fonts.

#12 F37 Bella

Bella is a classical Didot-inspired beauty

Based on letterforms of American typographers John Pistilli and Herb Lubalin, and Swiss typographer Jan Tschichold, F37 Bella is an award-winning display font by Rick Banks.

Designed in the classical French Didot style but with a contemporary geometrical twist, Bella contains alternatives and covers an extensive range of Latin-based languages, including Western and Eastern European.

12 Fonts Every Architect Must Try - F37 Bella

#11 Eames Black Stencil

When you’re looking for a great stencil font that’s beautifully designed and not in the least bit cheap-looking or gimmicky, this House Industries favourite should be your first port of call. This top font is part of the broader Eames family, developed in homage to the late great Charles and Ray Eames – which comes in its own bespoke wooden packaging. The curves in the stencil font were inspired by the curvature of bent plywood.

12 Fonts Every Architect Must Try - Eames Black Stencil

#10 Enclave

Enclave boasts thick, chunky slab serifs

Designed by Terminal Design’s James Montalbano with the goal of being unique but still highly legible, Enclave boasts thick, chunky slab serifs that are nonetheless softened and subtly rounded to take some of the harsh edge off, and warmth, and stop it looking too much like a typewriter font. Another top font that works equally well large or as a text face.

12 Fonts Every Architect Must Try - Enclave

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