The 90 square meters of this apartment was totally renovated, except for the existing marble flooring. The home automation wires go through walls and ceilings.

Project Name: Apartment On The Lake
Studio Name: Studio Dragora
Status: Built

Apartment On The Lake By Studio Dragora

The kitchen and bath was completely renew, choosing tiles that are both cheap and aesthetically pleasing. Some piece of contemporary furniture, like Alessi chairs in the living or Kartell chairs in the kitchen, speaks with artisanal furniture designed by studio’dragora, like the kitchen table, the master room lamps and the entrance pendant light.

Federica Crnjar & Silvia Invernizzi,

Federica Crnjar, landscape architect graduated at Genoa University, and Silvia Invernizzi, architect graduated at Milano Politecnic, cofounded Studio’dragora office in Milan during 2011. They work together combining their education, always trying to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, taking care of the environment in their concepts. They also founded LANDluv in 2016, a concept idea they have been thinking and working on since a long time, loving being inspired from nature and from the shapes of all the leaves.


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