The Ecoa 2 house project consists of a series of single-family dwellings proposed for a subdivision whose premises were based on economic and sustainable constructions.

Studio Name: Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization
Design Team: Miguel Trigo
Year: 2018
Location: Portugal
Photography Credits: Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization

House Ecoa 2 by Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization - Sheet2
©Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization

Based on the use of local materials as a motto for the project’s sustainability, a rigorous geometry that meets the parameters of the plot implants the house creating a small reception garden and favoring a backyard with a straight relation to the interior.

House Ecoa 2 by Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization - Sheet3
©Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization

The elevations of the house determine this hierarchy of relationships with the outside, with a more filtered visual permeability on the street facade, providing privacy, and a very transparent relationship with the patio and private spaces.

House Ecoa 2 by Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization - Sheet4
©Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization

The theme of designing a house with a sloping roof set us on the path to exploring contemporary volumes in which the chimney and flower pots gain prominence in the design of a monochromatic volume. The interiors are organized with the social spaces on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the first floor.

House Ecoa 2 by Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization - Sheet5
©Miguel Trigo Architecture & Visualization

The material palette makes use of Portuguese national pine, present in the carpentry and some wall coverings, flat ceramic tile on the roof and a rustic lime-based paint on the facades, reinterpreting the materialities of the Portuguese vernacular.


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