The house on the Periyar is a four bedroom residential home located along the banks of river Periyar in Aluva, Kerala. The plot is tucked away in a lush green  remote corner of Thuruth (an island) with the river bordering on the south west side. The home is designed for a doctor couple, their parents and two sons. Embracing the riverside setting was a primary concern of the client.

Client: Dr Shoyson K.V. & family
Plot area: 50 cents
Built Up Area: 3000 sq.ft.
Architects: City Futures Design Collaborative, Aluva
Design Team: Ar Anjith Augustine, Ar. Rakhi Mariam Johnson, Er. Anargha Raju, Ar. Roshan Maria
Structural Consultants: Triangle Studio
Interior design : Ajin Mohan
Developer: Arun Bose
Photography: Iksha Studio

House on the Periyar by City Futures Design Collaborative - Sheet5
©Iksha Studio

Our response was to design a simple and uncluttered composition that is interlinked and open to expose the river to the interior. Private spaces are grouped into a volume that seemingly hovers over the river. The continuation of the riverside landscape into the inside of the building is one of the key features. Existing topography has been maintained. Ground floor consists of a car garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom and parents bedroom. A mezzanine floor above the car porch consists of study space and a TV room. Upper floor consists of the master bedroom and the boys room. There is an attic space below the sloping room.

House on the Periyar by City Futures Design Collaborative - Sheet6
©Iksha Studio

River side has been opened out and thereby framing the river. Large sliding folding glass doors open fully to dissolve the boundary between interior and exterior spaces. Nature is enhanced as the central figure of its interior. This also ensures quality light throughout the day. Verandahs go around the south west thus interrupting direct glare and heat into the living spaces. The house and river are not fenced off, rather it becomes part of each other.

Common spaces in the ground floor are open and interconnected. The kitchen is carefully designed with a pantry and breakfast counter connected to dining space and a functional cooking area concealed as a separate room allowing the occupants to enjoy the primary space without clutter.

The elevation has been carefully rendered using wood finishes and earthy colours. Materiality consists of stone finishes, terracotta brick cladding and dark timbers delivering a rich and tactile experience. Natural stone finishes have been used in the interior flooring.

House on the Periyar by City Futures Design Collaborative - Sheet7
©Iksha Studio

The views from the bedroom capture sunsets above the river and coconut trees beyond.

A tropical sloping roof in steel truss and terracotta tile crowns the volume. The orientation of the house was largely dictated by the site’s geometry and river; however the openings and large overhangs reduce direct sunlight into the house.

The house on the Periyar has a warmth of materiality, a connection to the context and a relationship to the landscape that evokes a positive response from its inhabitants. The architecture of this house embodies its place and tells the story of what is happening inside.


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