The existing building dates from around 1900 and is an eclectic terraced house in a quiet residential street.

The main building is valuable and equipped with beautiful fireplaces, ceilings, decorative frames, … The extension, on the other hand, is not finished to a high standard and was probably renovated in the 1960s and 1970s with inferior materials.

Studio Name: Gorik Tanghe Architect
Design Team: Gorik Tanghe
Area: private house renovation
Year: 2019
Location: Ghent Belgium
Consultants: stability: BDA Engineering, Energy calculation : Egeon, wood construction: Systimber
Photography Credits: Gorik Tanghe

Renovation art deco house TG - Ghent by Gorik Tanghe Architect - Sheet2
©Gorik Tanghe

The main building is fully preserved and restored with attention to all decorative elements. The residential functions are rearranged within the existing surface contours and the inferior extension is replaced by a new extension. This extension falls within the gabarite common walls on the left and right. The new volume that is created between the existing walls is identical in surface area to the existing extension, but in terms of height and spaciousness it matches the allure of the existing main building, without negative consequences for the adjacent buildings.

Layout of the house:

A kitchen is provided in the new extension. This space is conceived as a maximum flexible space where, among other things, a setup with a long table is possible.

To increase contact with the garden, the exterior joinery consists of folding doors that can be opened over the full width.

Renovation art deco house TG - Ghent by Gorik Tanghe Architect - Sheet5
©Gorik Tanghe

Due to the height of the room and by working with above-roof glazing in the stepped volume, maximum daylight is brought in. A small office space is housed in a closed glazed suspended volume, adjacent to the existing platform, with a view of the nearby neighborhood park.

A new bathroom is housed in the main volume, while retaining the existing fireplace.

The bedrooms will be rearranged, with extra storage space being provided. The attic floor at the back is also used as a bedroom.

A quality outdoor space:

To make the transition between the kitchen and the garden less abrupt, a generous staircase with the terrace on an intermediate level is provided.

Renovation art deco house TG - Ghent by Gorik Tanghe Architect - Sheet6
©Gorik Tanghe


-Street side: no material changes, only facade restoration work and replaced roof

-Garden side: exterior plastering on insulation – white, aluminum exterior joinery

-The new roofs are equipped with an extensive green roof

Technical installation:

Integral renewal of electricity supplies and a central heating system. Photovoltaic solar panels on sloping roof. As additional heating, a new fireplace will be installed at a later stage. the existing fireplace.

About firm:

Gorik Tanghe °1976 is an architect and urban planner, with a practice in Ghent (Gorik Tanghe architect BV).

Gorik focuses on the renovation of historic buildings, thorough renovations and urban projects. This for both individual and collective living, working, trade or a combination of these.

With expertise in both urban planning and architecture, and with a passion for heritage, he always works with the intrinsic characteristics of a place or building. The location, the urban fabric, the landscape and green elements, the historical elements, incidence of light, … form the basis of a distinctly forward-looking response, tailored to the client’s program and budget. The result is a unique ‘living or working environment’, in symbiosis with the place.

Gorik demonstrates the added value of an independent architect in every project, monitoring the entire construction process and taking the interests of his clients to heart, in dialogue with a network of engineers, landscape architects, energy reporters, safety coordinators, surveyors, consultants, draughtsmen, contractors and executors.


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