“In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized.”
— Alex Grey

With a built up of 7000 sqft, Aadya is located in a corner plot in Sahakarnagar Bangalore.

The Corner plot was strategically utilized by placing pedestrian entrance on the north eastern corner and vehicular entrance on southern façade. This arrangement facilitated us with ample space for an intimate garden at the corner visually connecting both the entrances. This also made the zoning Vaastu complaint which was one of the key requirements of the project.

Project Name:  AADYA
Office Name: Jyaamiti Architectural Studio
Office Website: https://www.jyaamiti.co.in

Firm Location: Bengaluru, India
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 7000 ft2
Project Location: Bengaluru, India
Program / Use / Building Function: Residential
Lead Architects: Ashray Gowda
Photo Credits: Shamanth Patil     

AADYA Residence by Jyaamiti Architectural Studio - Sheet4
©Shamanth Patil

Site edges being the prominent interaction between the surroundings and the built form was folded inwards to mark the entry points. Also, privacy for utility area was attained by raising the compound wall, this play in the form and scale of the compound gave it a unique character which was purely derived on the basis of functionality rather than pure aesthetics. This play in form and scale was highlighted by the material palate.

Material palate comprised of neutral colors with an intent of seamlessly blending them with each other this similarity of colors was broken down by using materials of varying textures. Wood in the form of HPL gave warmth to the building, ribbed granite was used to highlight both site and building entry points and Corten steel on gate along with the textured paint enclosure wall brought in some amount earthiness to the overall symphony of materials.

AADYA Residence by Jyaamiti Architectural Studio - Sheet6
©Shamanth Patil

An open floor plan helped in seamlessly connecting the spaces horizontally, in order break the continuity of spaces, a conscious material choice was made to give spaces their own individual identities this break in monotony can be further experienced as the volumes kept varying as one moved from one space to another.

The foyer and the formal living have a higher ceiling in order to emphasis the entrances. Courtyard, traditionally known as Aangan was reinterpreted in a contemporary way to match current trends in design and lifestyle, this double height volume helped in visually connecting spaces at different levels.

A rich white canvas of Statuario along with teak wood is used as the main component of the material palate, specific corners were highlighted sometimes complementing to the base materials and sometimes contrasting by considering the quality of natural light, area of application in order to a specific ambience to the space based on functions and activities.

AADYA Residence by Jyaamiti Architectural Studio - Sheet9
©Shamanth Patil

The overall design intends to materialize the client’s personality by understanding their everyday needs and trends in lifestyle rather than showcasing only architect’s vision. This enables us to break standardized thinking and gives a sense of individuality to any built form as we believe that architecture can be a reflection of a personality. This small change in thought facilitates a vibrant and unique character to every built form creating a visual dialog of built forms in our society.


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