We have developed a modern style minimalist design guest house. The design land lot is located at the Volga river bank. Total area of all rooms including  accessible roof area is 240.74 sq.m.

Studio Name: Miriada group
Design Team: Vitaliy Volkov, Ilya Potapov
Area: Russia
Year: 2018
Location: Guest house in Nizhny Uslon

Guest House in Nizhny Uslon by Miriada group - Sheet2
©Miriada group

The house is designed with the aim of independent accommodation of guests; therefore, the layout includes kitchen/living room area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Proximity to water turns the windows into ready-made interactive pictures.

Guest House in Nizhny Uslon by Miriada group - Sheet3
©Miriada group

A spacious interconnecting terrace runs along the outline. A recreational area is arranged here. Decorative steel pergolas were installed above the terrace so that light could freely penetrate the kitchen and living room.

Guest House in Nizhny Uslon by Miriada group - Sheet4
©Miriada group

The stairway to the accessible roof is open type and is enclosed in a row of battens.

The cantilever protrusion visually lightens the house fence design. And the materials with natural tones harmoniously fit into the riverside landscape.


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