UpHouse consists of incorporating a space of an intimate scale into another space, which within the domestic space, is present and becomes a more social environment. The proposal, which is somewhat complicated, arises from the initial need of the owner to obtain a new room in his small dwelling.

Project Name: UPHouse
Studio Name: Cumulolimbo studio

UPHouse by Cumulolimbo studio - Sheet2
©Cumulolimbo studio

The existing space is broken up to later incorporate and invest only in what is necessary, thus avoiding unnecessary finishes.

UPHouse by Cumulolimbo studio - Sheet3
©Cumulolimbo studio

A fine secondary steel structure is proposed as the axis of the project, representing a large part of the economic investment. This structure supports the upper room without the vertical supports getting in the way of the space on the lower floor. The pillars become the four vertices of a cube that houses the wet core of the dwelling. On one side of the cube we find the kitchen-dining room that gives access to the light courtyard, and on the other side of the cube a small private room whose use is multipurpose.

UPHouse by Cumulolimbo studio - Sheet5
©Cumulolimbo studio

Duality is present throughout the project, even in the materials used. The common area is designed in black and white tones, while the private spaces are acoustically insulated and covered with more than 100 sheets of warm birch recycled from old industrial packaging boxes.


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