The brief was to create a contemporary home on a steep mountain slopes in the outskirts of Barcelona with views over the hills and the city. The home is essentially set into a pines forest, and is placed into the plot minimizing its environmental impact cutting less trees as possible. The hard rocky soil was from the beginning of the design a construction concern in order to reduce excavation works which drew the project to a very horizontal layout.

Project Name: SB6 House
Studio Name: Mogas Arquitectes

SB6 House by Mogas Arquitectes - Sheet3
©Mogas Arquitectes

The elevation of the two levels faces south and provides central background becoming a dominant architectural expression .


Our approach eschewed decorative details and conventional finishing, and rather explored a reduced palette of tough materials in undifferentiated abstract shapes to make an architectural object which blends into the landscape, yet distinct from it.

Simple structure of load-bearing wall and robust, honest materiality response to the budged control and ensure an aesthetics based on the construction order.

Continuous surfaces in traditional textures, brick walls, concrete decks and European oak, emphasis long perspectives and connect domestic spaces through light environments.

SB6 House by Mogas Arquitectes - Sheet4
©Mogas Arquitectes


The ground floor is extended by large terraces, balconies and roof cantilevers to overlap internal and external spaces prompting outdoor living and giving a sharp expression of the house.

With interconnecting sliding doors the entrances is swelled to the kitchen and living room and allows sociable dinning.

The ground floor offers an open-plan living space and accommodation for two bedrooms overlooking the swimming area and the garden. The first floor houses a calm studio and small terrace with the landscape as a background.

SB6 House by Mogas Arquitectes - Sheet6
©Mogas Arquitectes


Environmental performance and energy efficiency have been key design factors. Large eaves and thick insulation roof panels protect the interior from sun radiation . The double glassing windows have different configuration depending on the elevation according to light and solar heating needs of inner spaces.

Roof drain pipes drives the rain water to a tank which store it to irrigate the garden during dry hot summer.

SB6 House by Mogas Arquitectes - Sheet7
©Mogas Arquitectes


The garden is conceived as a humanized fragment of nature. Large ripraps from stone quarries nearby and long wooden steps connect the terraces and the balcony with the swimming pool area.

The vegetation display is perceived in terms of distance: the background of original pine trees , the bushes in the patios and planters, and it concludes with the indoor plants.

An open bathroom to a courtyard with an outdoor shower, unveils that outside living is always available.


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