In the first place, the client’s wish was a modern house with stucco and wood. In addition, the house had to look out onto the garden. Sustainability also had to be taken into account in the design.

Studio Name: lab-R
Design Team: Roel Wildervanck
Area: 213 m2
Year: 2018
Location: Breda, the Netherlands
Consultants: Bouwgroep Midden-Brabant
Photography Credits: EduART Imaging

Modern House with Stucco and Wood by lab-R - Sheet1
©EduART Imaging

The design is based on a simple 3D model that the client had drawn himself. Some features of this design have been retained. Such as a monumental entrance that had to become a real eye-catcher. And also the protruding eaves that form a play of lines around the volume. The building volume and materials have been completely redesigned. The important features of the 3D model of the client are included in the design. This clearly expresses the motto of lab-R, Realize Together.

Modern House with Stucco and Wood by lab-R - Sheet4
©EduART Imaging

The main shape of the house is an L. This was chosen to allow the living area to take full advantage of sunlight and a view of the garden. Moreover, this gives privacy to the street side. By allowing the long leg of the L to protrude, a monumental entrance has been realized with a spacious staircase. At the top of the stairs is a bright hallway with a view of the garden. Here are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The bedrooms are oriented to the northwest, which keeps them cool in the summer.

Modern House with Stucco and Wood by lab-R - Sheet7
©EduART Imaging

There are solar panels on the roof. The short leg of the L, which contains a large workspace, is connected to the long leg by a carport. This creates a spatial view. The facades are made of stucco alternated with wooden facade parts. This contrast emphasizes the lines of the protruding eaves. And ensures that this modern house with stucco and wood has interesting views from all sides.


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