The principle of composition of the Sa house is the fragmentation and the addition of those fragments.

The design process consists of arranging the furniture in the ideal way on the ground with the best relation with the light and the landscape.

Name of the house : Maison Sa
adresse :, Route de la Cascade
code postal :78
Town : Le Vesinet
Date de construction : 2017
Surface du terrain : 800 m2
Surface habitable de la maison : 250 m2
Cost HT des travaux : 690 000 € HT
Programme : 5 rooms – Living room – Kitchen – dining room – 3 Bathrooms –
Photos : Hervé Abbadie

Maison Sa by Frank Salama Architecte D.P.L.G - Sheet3
©Hervé Abbadie

Each practice is sized according to the ideal proportions related to its own function.

And then the envelopp is hiding the parts that are not needed to be seen.

The volumes are then assembled in such a way as to alternate the relation between exterior and interior zones.

The idea is that each space has a simultaneous relationship to a nearby landscape and a distant landscape.

Fragmentation also makes it possible to give a more modest scale to the project.

Maison Sa by Frank Salama Architecte D.P.L.G - Sheet6
©Hervé Abbadie

The house is located in a suburb west of Paris where most of the buildings are white, the facade principle was to make the building in white stained concrete. From a distance the building appears smooth and white and up close the texture of the concrete appears through the stain which is quite transparent.

Frank Salama is a specialist in collective housing and individual houses, he has built around 80 houses in France. In 2022 he received the 1st prize for the contemporary French house (Maison Gervais).

Maison Sa by Frank Salama Architecte D.P.L.G - Sheet7
©Hervé Abbadie

His practice is strongly influenced by Japanese architecture, which he also teaches at various French universities and on which he has published articles.


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