Homes have stories to share. You can go back in time to a time when a young child hit a sixer and rushed off before anyone could see him by looking at the walls, the garden, or even a broken window. People give the building life and are the centre and soul of the memories they engender there.

A rural residence called The Lineage House may be found in Mirzapur, close to Varanasi. Large, open spaces make it the perfect place for multigenerational families who like to entertain guests as well as live together.

Project Name: The Lineage House
Architecture Firm: Chaukor Studio
Principal Architect: Ar. Nilesh Bansal
Design Team: Nilesh Bansal & Ujjwal Bansal
Design Location: Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
Site Area:
Built-up Area:
Client: Mr. Devesh Pandey
Typology: Country home
Current Status: Conceptual

Structural Engineers: EBI India
Rendering & walkthroughs: Awaiz Ahmad
Video Direction: Reetika Tandon

Lineage House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet4
©Chaukor Studio

This house serves as a foundation for the construction of a home where the current and future generations can live comfortably from infancy to old age. Every nook and cranny of the house can vibrate with recollections of the past as a result of creating memories and growing old with there.

Ancestral Home in the Modern Era

Traditional village traditions have changed in today’s culture. They do exist, but they also reflect modernity and advancement as time goes on. The family and the villagers, whom they view as members of the same community, still have places in the house designated for communal spaces. The customs that their ancestors followed are still relevant in today’s urbane age.

It’s a terrific method to spend time outside with your loved ones because the area outside the house has a little social gathering that is surrounded by greenery. Such areas not only promote collaboration but also create a connection between the interior and outdoor settings.

Lineage House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet5
©Chaukor Studio

Our perception of how the spaces might appear and feel is clouded by a granary, which conjures up a picture of a transitory structure with loads of dirt all around. Contrarily, having a tidy, tranquil area next to the entry for a granary fulfils our needs and is aesthetically pleasing.


It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you improve anything over its initial form while preserving its original characteristics. Every generation adds to the morals and values established by their forebears. Lineage House wants to be the place where guests feel at home and where future generations will remember their memories. Frank Gehry expressed it best when he remarked, “Architecture should desire for timelessness while speaking of its time and location.”

These rural residences are built with the long future in mind. They serve as both homes and hubs for good land stewardship, not just for the current generation but also for generations to come.

Lineage House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet6
©Chaukor Studio

The Villa

The large mansion exudes a warm atmosphere. Large structures give off an air of opulence and splendour.

By fusing the constructed environment inside and outside, the house adapts to its surroundings. The colonial eclectic modern design creates the impression that the entire area is a peaceful and calm country home that unites a big joint family under one roof.

The classical design of the home creates an air of simplicity and elegance that perfectly captures the owners’ modest demeanour. The house’s modest use of colour and its use of white, grey, and clean lines give the idea that it is celebrating the commonplace. We frequently lose our way in life and fail to notice the small actions that each day move us closer to our objectives. You can find peace amidst the chaos with the aid of this kind of building.

Grey, white, black, and glimmers of green are used to create a calm and tidy ambiance. The usage of several textures enhances one another. Modern farm buildings stand out thanks to their large glass windows. While the inside is open to the outside, the outside pours inside the dwelling. This suggests a want for closer ties to the natural world. You become involved in the landscape rather than managing it.

The pavement sharply contrasts the ground with the building. The colour scheme and stark contrast draw our attention to the edifice.

Lineage House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet7
©Chaukor Studio


Never lose sight of your roots because they help you stay grounded and humble. One thing to hang onto is being in a place you can call your own that helps you connect more deeply with your morals and principles.

About Chaukor Studio

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