DéDal architects strives to offer contemporary answers while taking care to integrate into the environmental context (geographical and cultural) The Agency favor the design of projects on a human scale and try to provide solutions that are as close as possible to the needs of the inhabitants.

Project Name: BTR
Studio Name: DéDal architectes
Firm Location: Brussels – Belgium
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 210m²
Project Location: Brussels – Belgium
Program: Single family house
Photo Credits: Stijn Bollaert

BTR By DéDal architectes - Sheet7
©Stijn Bollaert

The motivation is to propose singular projects, tailor-made for the owners and which best exploit the particularities of the close environment in which we wish the best possible integration of the project.

At DéDal architects, we do not systematically opt for wood in housing construction and only use it when we deem it to be the most appropriate response to the project, the concept and the technical constraints of the construction.
In the case of the BTR project, wood has simply imposed itself as the best solution to respond to the shaping of the concept of living in a tree and above all for a coherent integration of the many elements of integrated wooden furniture which articulate the dwelling.

BTR By DéDal architectes - Sheet8
©Stijn Bollaert

The primary idea for this BTR project is to give the feeling of living in a tree, with all the playful dimension that implies.
The interior spaces follow one another in a work of sequence of levels.
Articulated by the integrated furniture elements, the differences in floor heights make it possible to organize the living spaces in a very open way.
There are very few walls and the gradual intimacy is created during the ascent of the platforms.

©Stijn Bollaert

For DéDal architects, the question of the durability of a construction is not limited to the materials and the energy performance. The agency means sustainability in the broadest sense, that of durability of the building.
This requires a deep reflection on the adequacy of the architectural gesture and a search for the measured intervention, the most precise, the lightest possible. DéDal wants to size the space in relation to the needs, no more, no less, with the fairest means.
To this reflection is added the question of the evolution of the building over time and the modularity that we consider necessary to let the building adapt as time progresses, as the family evolves, children grow up, as lifestyles change,…


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