KUBE architecture renovated the entry lobby of this existing religious building in Washington DC as a modern sacred space.

Project Name: Sacred Space – Entry Lobby
Studio Name: KUBE architecture

Sacred Space – Entry Lobby By KUBE architecture - Sheet2
©KUBE architecture

The overall goal was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as a “sacred home” for this close-knit religious community. The feature element is a curved wood wall that incorporates the reception desk and a display case for sacred objects.

Sacred Space – Entry Lobby By KUBE architecture - Sheet3
©KUBE architecture

The new glass entry vestibule adds a level of necessary security from the street. On one side is an art gallery, and on the other side a seating area. The new water wall bears an inscription memorializing the community member who had the idea for the lobby, but passed away before the work could begin.

©KUBE architecture

The design is sculptural, with the curved form enveloping visitors in its embrace. Furniture and finishes are composed of natural tones, with “pebble” lights from Italy made of hand-blown glass. The sound of water offers an atmosphere of solace and peace, obscuring the sounds of the city.


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