From the analysis of Mexican local housing where distinctive elements are identified, emerges RP home project which leads us to remake and reinterpret its composition and allows us to fit it to a family home in a better current context, preserving part of the original house foundations, the design of the facade is cleaned by removing some architectural elements alien to the region, which allows us to develop simple clearances in order to enable spaces aimed to promote family coexistence.

Studio Name: LR Arquitectura
Design Team: Carlos Teodoro Rodríguez-Laura, Eduardo Lassala
Area: 8990.00m2
Year: 2018
Location: Guadalajara, México
Photography Credits: Marcos Garcia
Other Credits: Interior Design by Elena Gonzalez

Casa RP by LR Arquitectura - Sheet5
©Marcos Garcia

Each element of the house leads us to the interaction between interior and exterior spaces differentiated by their measurements and materials used, the structure shape allows in the integration of heavy local materials such as quarry and enclosures, which can be seen in different applications and finishes, turning design into a traditional Mexican style.

Casa RP by LR Arquitectura - Sheet7
©Marcos Garcia

Inside the project we can stand out the double height central void overlooking the sky, which is held up by glass and wood beams, this void helps width and a greater circulation space which permits a microclimate which helps improve the inner temperature through light, ventilation and shade.

Casa RP by LR Arquitectura - Sheet9
©Marcos Garcia

The most important point in this project is aimed to dose people crowding, use and sound, in each area of the project looking with favor on transit between the spaces.

The project is summarized as a set of volumes to lessen the complexity of the family home, improving inhabitants interaction.


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