Nested away from the crowd and traffic, Studio N, Stilt Studio’s latest one-bedroom studio living concept, is designed to provide a bespoke hospitality experience. The 64 m2 project is constructed in a series of 4 buildings and built as an extension of the existing Grün Canggu on an otherwise narrow and tricky site of 745sqm.

Architects: Stilt Studios
Area : 64 m²
Year : 2022
Photographs : KIE Arch, Manuel Gaisser, Cokorda B. Suryanata
Architectural Design : Stilt Studios
City : Kecamatan Kuta Selatan
Country : Indonesia

Studio N by Stilt Studios - Sheet3
©KIE Arch, Manuel Gaisser, Cokorda B. Suryanata

“The Studio N is designed to seamlessly blend the indoor-outdoor living experience and extend the view towards the expansive rice fields, while remaining low-tech and low-impact in the design”, says Therresa Shannen Budihardjo, Architectural Design Lead at Stilt Studios. The building is constructed on stilts and lifted 40cm off the ground to minimize its footprint and impact on the soil below. Warm wooden interior and massive sliding glass doors frame the view towards the rice fields and the sunset, making this elegant home the perfect place to retreat and unwind.

Studio N by Stilt Studios - Sheet6
©KIE Arch, Manuel Gaisser, Cokorda B. Suryanata

“The whole ambiance is largely inspired by the tropical pavilion concept, with its calm color tones and open layout that allows air to circulate throughout the entire unit. For this site, we wanted to emphasize the surrounding landscape and how the indoor-outdoor living concept brings nature inside”, says Cokorda G. B. Suryanata, Product Design Lead at Stilt Studios. The experience of the visitors of Studio N is heavily-curated through the playful harmony between furniture, interior, and architecture. The interior is defined by an open layout and clean lines, combined with low, laid-back furniture, to create a more airy and spacious feel, and allows circulation to flow naturally.

Studio N by Stilt Studios - Sheet7
©KIE Arch, Manuel Gaisser, Cokorda B. Suryanata

The inside-outside living concept, achieved by seamlessly extending the living area outwards towards the expansive rice fields, invites for a unique travel experience for short- and mid-term stays. Glass sliding doors open up the interior to a large wooden decking that connects to the outdoor lounging area, complete with a BBQ area, fire pit, plunge pool, and garden. Stilt Studios operates its own hospitality branch under Grün Canggu, enabling a closed feedback loop when developing and iterating its highly optimized living units. The open layout creates an efficient interior flow, while the interior clerestory windows creates interaction between the sleeping area, bathroom, and adjacent lounging area, which can both be used for working and dining. Equipped with a full kitchen, the Studio N also allows for visitors intending on longer term stays.

Studio N by Stilt Studios - Sheet8
©KIE Arch, Manuel Gaisser, Cokorda B. Suryanata

Staying true to Stilt Studios’ core vision to “tread lightly on earth”, Studio N is an improved reiteration of the old Tetrapod that now utilizes prefabricated building elements, in order to optimize its construction process, reduce construction time, and minimize carbon footprint through off-site prefabrication. In the design and construction of Studio N, Stilt Studios also takes a conscious approach in selecting responsibly-sourced materials and collaborates

with different vendors, including Inecosolar for solar panels, Kaltimber for reclaimed ulin wood decking, and Sungaiwatch for recycled river plastic bathroom panels. A total of 5.4kW solar panels are installed on the roof of Studio N powering this unit and the three neighboring buildings as well.

About Stilt Studios

Stilt Studios is a housing manufacturer with a full vertical integration of design, production and hospitality, focusing on upscale prefab structures that blend in seamlessly with nature. Stilt Studios’ mission is to build innovative products that improve its inhabitants’ living experience, while treading lightly on earth. In the product development process, the team is committed to bringing a thoughtful, unique design approach to every project, while seeking to always present the highest standard of architectural design.

Stilt Studios is based in Bali, Indonesia, and was founded in 2019.


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