Due to the estimated hike in population in the state, Texas looks like a decent place to begin a fix-and-flip project for everyone. But, which city should be the best place to start?

Let’s find out!

Why Should You Flip A House In Texas?

There was a time before hard money loans when Texas was considered to be a place for cowboys and all. But, over the years, the whole scenario has changed entirely.

Now, more and more people are getting quite interested in living in the Lone Star State. Keep reading this section till the end to know why!

Reason – 1: House Pricing

Due to the “underdeveloped” status, the pricing of properties in Texas is quite low. Therefore, people, especially those who have a lower stage of income” are choosing this place more.

Reason – 2: Excellent Life Quality

Whether you believe it or not, Texas is an amazing location to live in. Besides the excellent open environment, it also offers decent schooling opportunities for most kids and students.

Reason – 3: Rapid Growth Of Population

This part of the USA is growing quite rapidly if we’re being honest. Thus, if you want to flip a house, there’s no other better place in the country than Texas, to be honest.

The Best Cities To Flip House In Texas

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the cities in Texas that can help you get the most out of your fix-and-flip venture. Here’s what you need to know about it.

City – 1: Taylor.

As a town, Taylor has everything you’re looking to settle with your family. It also comes with an excellent environment as well. Nonetheless, the purchasing price of the houses can be a little bit higher, if we’re being honest. So, that’s something you might have to be wary about.

Purchase Price : USD 338,000
Estimated Monthly Rent : USD 1,900
Down Payment : USD 84,500
Estimated 5-Year Valuation : USD 443,000

City – 2: Austin Colony.

Unlike any other space in Texas, the Austin Colony is quite old as a neighborhood. Hence, it will be easier for you to find a decent property at a low price range. However, you might have to invest a little more to take care of the house before selling it. So, that’s a minor con.

Purchase Price : USD 448,000
Estimated Monthly Rent : USD 2,400
Down Payment : USD 112,000
Estimated 5-Year Valuation : USD 587,000

City – 3: Milwood.

Unlike the former two, Milwood can be pretty expensive when it comes to house pricing. But if you’re good at negotiating, you might be able to decrease the same a little. However, as the place is filled with shopping malls and working places, you’ll find loads of clients here.

Purchase Price : USD 498,000
Estimated Monthly Rent : USD 2,750
Down Payment : USD 59,800
Estimated 5-Year Valuation : USD 652,000

City – 4: Northcape.

Just like Milwood, Northcape houses various tech giants like Apple, Dell, and Domain too. It also comes with a quaint neighborhood that most elderly people would love. Nonetheless, the houses here can be a little rundown. So, plan your steps accordingly before investing here.

Purchase Price : USD 360,000
Estimated Monthly Rent : USD 1,950
Down Payment : USD 90,000
Estimated 5-Year Valuation : USD 471,000

City – 5: East Austin.

The eastern side of Austin has been developing like crazy since 2015, and it’s going to grow even more. And, the primary reason behind that is the popular bars and restaurants located in this place. The neighborhood is quite gentrifying too. So, that’s another excellent benefit.

Purchase Price : USD 575,000
Estimated Monthly Rent : USD 3,250
Down Payment : USD 143,750
Estimated 5-Year Valuation : USD 766,000

The Bottom Line

So, there you go.These are some of the places where you can make an investment regarding your brand new flip and fix project. Hopefully, our list has helped you out a little to come up with a decision. But, if you need a little more assistance, it might be best to talk to someone who has invested in a place like this before. Good luck!


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