For an architect, designing a house for a young family is always a wonderful experience, and if the building sits next to the houses of two relatives, it becomes an exciting adventure. This energy-efficient house shows its inner environmental sustainability through the exterior cladding made of larch wood battens arranged in diagonal stripes.

Project name: FG single family house
location: Borgo Valsugana, Trento
type: architecture, interior design, outdoor spaces design
area: 267 sqm (interior), 149 sqm (outdoor), 790 sqm (garden)
state: completed
date: 2015 – 2018
client: private
team: Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin
photos: Carlo Baroni


  1. Rasom Wood Technology – prefabricated wood house system and facade/roof wood cladding
  2. Tip Top Fenster – windows and sliding doors
  3. HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik – blinds
  4. Bauman Srl – garage door
  5. Lithos Srl – levocell outdoor continuous flooring
  6. Vetreria Gottardi – glass railing
  7. Bortolotti Emanuele Srl – fireplace
  8. Vivai Brugna SS Agricola – garden and plants
  9. Telser – flush-wall doors
  10. Ceramica Flaminia S.p.A – ceramic bathroom fixtures
  11. Ritmonio – taps
  12. Catalano, sinks
  13. David Trubridge, Kooduu, Artemide, Fratelli Guzzini, lamps
  14. Team Casa, kitchen
  15. Gervasoni 1882, Riva 1920, Hayche, Kay Bojesen Denmark, Ikea, Flexteam, Fritz Hansen, furniture
FG Single Family House By Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti - Sheet1
©Carlo Baroni

The garden, the porch and the large living area are designed to spend time with friends and family. The custom-made furniture of the interiors wants to focus the attention on the iconic lamps since collecting them is one of the hobby of the owners.

FG single family house: a dream to realize
FG house, designed for a young family, is located in the southern part of Borgo Valsugana municipality, on a private slightly sunken ground. This area, used for playing and relaxing by three families related by blood, is green and well taken care of. From this area one can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains (Cima XII; mount Ortega), moreover the sun light is ideal, especially in spring and winter, thanks to the good position of the peaks and of the surrounding buildings. From here you can also catch sight of Castel Telvana.

FG Single Family House By Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti - Sheet3
©Carlo Baroni

The access is from Giamaolle street, the street which leads to Artesella. The landform, the absence of fencings, the good relationship with the neighbours, they all make this place “an oasis” to socialize. This house is a living space where four families can meet, have dinners, play outside and chat. The aim has been to design a volume which gave a sense of hospitality and from which you could see the surrounding mountains.
FG single family house: our project between architecture, interior design, outdoor spaces design and construction

The project’s goal has been reached thanks to a covered porch at the entrance, not only welcoming the guest but also working as a shelter. Moreover the porch, together with the paved roof, helps to reduce the visual impact of the main front on the surrounding landscape .

FG Single Family House By Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti - Sheet4
©Carlo Baroni

The prefabricated energy efficient wood house, is characterized by a rational layout of the interiors, large windows, which allow to benefit from daylight (and enjoy the view!) especially in winter on the east, south and west sides, and loggias working as shelter from the summer heat. On the gable roof solar and hot water panels are mounted with the same roof’s angle so they can’t be seen from below. FG house shows its energy efficient disposition, respectful of natural resources, thanks to a wood cladding made of larch planks. This way the house stands out from the nearby buildings, characterized by different materials, and blends with he surrounding nature, which is also enjoyed from the inside. The frames of the low-e windows are made of larch wood too.

©Carlo Baroni

Looking at the composition of the ground floor one can notice its rectangular shape including not only interior spaces as living area, office, bathroom, garage, but also covered exterior spaces such as the entrance porch and open exterior spaces such as the small garden on the north side. The unity of the building is expressed by the wood cladding, which ties all the elements together and allows to avoid the use of eaves and to hide aluminium gutters and drainpipes. The house has three floor and its layout consists in one basement with a cellar and a technical room and two upper floors: the ground one consist of living area, office and garage and the first one of bedrooms.


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