The Lagos housing market has been overheated, and, largely driven by expatriate demand. The Developer had a difficult balance to create for this project to sell, and be commercially viable. The location and the views offers by the Golf Course and the Equestrian club were great positives.

Project Name: The Overlook Housing
Completion year: 2022
Gross Built up Area: 108, 000 sqft
Project Location: Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
Architecture Firm: ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Lead Architect: Mohd. Amin Nayyar
Photo Credits: Brookstone Property
Design Team: Sitaram Gupta, Savita Khanna, Neha Aggarwal, Devender Thakur
Clients: Brookstone Property
Engineering: Somjit Sahni, Manoj, Vinod, Purshottam, Vipin, Imran, Tariq

The Overlook Housing By ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd - Sheet1
©Brookstone Property

However ,the density of population, and the design needed to respect local cultural sensitivities of privacy, while offering a “lifestyle” at the same time. The built up area was strictly regulated by planning guidelines and, the developer wanted to balance the total built area, usable area, parking provisions and number of families to create a mix that would be economical to build, had a definitively different aesthetic, fitted into the social and cultural milieu and could create and foster a sense of life and community.

The Overlook Housing By ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd - Sheet2
©Brookstone Property

The Overlook Housing is centered in between two of Ikoyi’s most prominent social and recreational establishments, the Ikoyi Club 1938 and the Lagos Polo Club, and stands ‘Overlooking’ the rarest views in the city. The design is conceived with the vision to deliver a new standard to the market including the unparalleled views of an 18-hole golf course and international polo ground, residences with high standard finishes plus stunning common area amenities, and large living spaces with attention to details on the most efficient layouts.

The building form is designed in a C shape for maximum desirable views to the surroundings and to segregate the building services towards the interior for maximum efficiency and optimization. The unique form also provides an open to sky podium for recreational facilities.

The Overlook Housing By ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd - Sheet10
©Brookstone Property

The building façade is articulated with a geometric pattern of recessed and cantilever balconies with treated edges to enhance the visual character of the overall built and to offer the residents a variety of semi-open and open spaces for leisure. There is a great sense openness outwards, and yet the internal courtyard offers peace, quiet and privacy.

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