The “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, 1-NSA1” social housing project for the EMVS is the first residential action of the ambitious urban regeneration plan promoted by the city council of Madrid in the municipal neighborhood of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles in the district of Puente de Vallecas in Madrid.

Studio Name: Camacho Maciá Arquitectos
Design Team: Javier Camacho/ María Eugenia Maciá
Area: Architectural Projects
Location: Madrid
Consultants: NB35, INES Ingenieros, JG Ingenieros, Fhecor, Ove Arup&Partners, Higini Arau, Vicente Mestre, BM Lighting Design
Photography Credits: Javier Camacho

The Proposal By CMA (CamachoMaciá) - Sheet2
©Javier Camacho

The NSA1 project favors the regeneration of a deteriorated urban space, assumes the privileged position of the plot as a defining element of the new built park and proposes a simple architecture that adapts to the changing needs of its inhabitants.

The Proposal By CMA (CamachoMaciá) - Sheet3
©Javier Camacho

It is a promotion of 101 homes of VPP on a very narrow plot, 15 meters wide, for such a high number of units. The residential grouping is proposed in a linear block, which disposes all the dwellings in a double corridor, with a ventilated access gallery, linked to vertical connections and common areas.

The Proposal By CMA (CamachoMaciá) - Sheet5
©Javier Camacho

The layout of the house is organized around a large space of uses of living and bedrooms occupying the exterior contour of the building, flanked by a real estate band of bathrooms and kitchens inside. Despite the non-existence of free spaces of the plot, the set of ample collective spaces of neighborhood relationship is provided through the conformation of an open porch in extension with the new park.

The Proposal By CMA (CamachoMaciá) - Sheet6
©Javier Camacho

Generous spaces are produced for the common areas linked to the large central staircase, completely open to the rear façade and in continuity with the open porch. The project proposes the recovery of the terrace/viewpoint space, for its spatial value understood as a privileged “being” between the street and the house. The angled arrangement of the terraces-viewpoint gives two possible orientations to the homes, increasing the possibilities of sunshine and views.

Camacho Maciá Arquitectos

Since 1998 cmA Arquitectos has developed an intense professional activity in the field of architecture with a decidedly interdisciplinary profile, combining interests in both professional activity, research and teaching. Our office has a permanent collaboration with public and private institutions and the university, developing architectural proposals and research maintaining a close collaboration with the
university world through classes, conferences, juries…in a constant exchange of experience and knowledge. The main focus of cmA’s activity is the realization of national and international competitions of ideas, obtaining numerous awards and recognitions. cmA has carried out architectural and urban planning projects, both in developments for singular works (auditories, theatres, conservatories, congress centres. . .) and in collective and single-family housing. Particularly noteworthy are the projects of the Campo de Criptana Auditorium, the Centre of Creation of the Arts of Alcorcón, the Olympic Village for Madrid 2016-2020 and the social housing projects for the EMVS and the Ministry of Housing. The fundamental objective of cmA is excellence in architectural design, from approaches that promote a committed, proactive and contemporary attitude of Architecture, in response to the social challenges raised in the various architectural competitions developed. cmA trusts in a creative architecture defended from the technical rigor and the defense of the economy of the project and the subsequent work, always from an absolute environmental sensitivity in all phases of development and final construction.


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